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Wall Water Features Require Regular Filling
Filling A Wall Water Feature

In this article we are going to discuss filling your water feature and different water types. I first want to talk about distilled water and and point out the distilled water is not filtered or purified water. We always recommend using distilled water in your wall water features. Not only will it make your water feature run cleaner and and more beautifully but it also prolong the life of your sculpture.

If you choose not to use distilled water and use tap water we strongly recommend not using softened water. The salt in softened water can can stick to the water surface and corrode the decorative metals.

Because of evaporation your indoor fountain will need to be filled. The rate of evaporation will vary greatly depending on the location and the climate that it's in. Filling your water features is very simple. First, always turn it off. Second, pour the water onto the water surface and allow the water to drain into the tray.

When filling the water feature be sure to notice the fill line in the lower right corner. Never over fill the water feature while it is off otherwise it can cause dripping out of the bottom of the tray.


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