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Small Desktop Fountain With River Stones and Bamboo
Making A River Stone Bubbler Fountain

A river stone bubbler fountain is one of the easiest table fountains to make. Constructing your own small water fountain is enjoyable to do and many people have taken this project up as a hobby. With a few easily obtained materials assembled beforehand you can have your own water fountain up and running in a matter of hours. In most cases you can also save a good deal of money making your own fountain, rather then purchasing one.

What Do I Need To Make A Bubbler Fountain?

For best results you should procure the parts necessary for the fountain beforehand. The parts needed are:

A submersible water pump such as the Hagen Aqua Pump. Some tabletop fountain pumps are better then others. It is worthwhile to pay more to obtain a quality pump. A quality water pump will be quieter then a cheap pump and quiet operation is especially important in a small fountain which in many cases sits much closer to you then a larger fountain would.

A glass vase or any attractive bowl which will hold the river stones, water and pump. One of the most beautiful fountain vases I have seen was made from a hand blown glass vase that had beveled edges. The top portion of the vase had a rectangular shape and it fluted and became narrower towards the bottom. Glass is perfect for bubbler fountains because you can view the stones inside from all angles, while if you have a ceramic or metal bowl you can only see the stones from the top. Glass also enhances the water action because it is clear, thus enabling light to penetrate through the water and this increases overall shine through reflection.

River stones, glass beads or other attractive items that will fill the bowl and cover the pump. If you are using river stones the polished variety works best. There are many colors available in river stones including blacks, browns, greens, whites and reds. Landscape supply stores, nurseries and arts and craft stores usually have river pebbles for sale in small quantities that are perfect to use in a fountain.

How Do I Assemble The Parts For The Fountain?

Once you have the necessary materials, what follows is the fun and easy parts. Lay out the vase, stones and water pump. Place the water pump in the center of the vase with the outlet water nozzle pointing straight up. If the pump is too low in the vase for the water to bubble up just at the rim of the vase then set some stones at the bottom first and place the pump over them. Now fill the vase with your stones both around and over the pump so it is hidden by the stones and supported from all sides.

Once the pump and stones are positioned correctly fill the fountain with distilled water just to the rim of the basin and plug in the pump cord. The cord will need to be hung over the rim of the bowl which can usually be concealed well enough with some river stones as needed. You may also need to adjust the water flow valve on the pump so the water bubbler is not too weak or strong and does not splash. Arranging the stones over the water flow will also help moderate the effect and also the sound of the water. These fountains can produce a good water bubble sound when done correctly, just make sure you get a wide enough basin so the water does not splash out.

Making your own bubbler fountain is both fun and a good way to save money if you have been considering some of the tabletop fountains available on the market. So the next time you are at the store look around for things that can be used to make a bubbler fountain that can be used for years to come and are much more enjoyable to watch then traditional stationary home decor items.


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