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Pictured Glass Indoor Fountains Transform Your Home
Pictured Glass Indoor Fountains Transform Your Home

Make an elegant and sophisticated statement with free standing plate glass water fountains. The soothing sounds and light reflecting off the water on indoor glass fountains and waterfalls will make an elegant impression on everyone who enters your home. These fountains can appear as though you are looking out a window on a rainy day with water running down the glass and looking onto scenes such as flowers, fish or butterflies and a unique blend of boldly angled, modern geometric forms. Transform your living space into a relaxing and peaceful showcase of light and sound with a pictured glass waterfall.

Glass floor water fountains are available in a variety of pictured glass scene designs like outdoor garden plants and abstract glass designs. The colors in each pattern have been dyed into the glass panels so they will not wash off with the water over time. The Stainless Steel fountain frames can be coated with your choice of available colors or left as bare Stainless Steel. Some research has shown that water fountains can increase productivity, improve morale and reduce stress when placed in appropriate indoor environments. These water fountains have a nice waterfall sound and they can be easily moved and repositioned as needed. These features use frosted glass, rather then clear, which makes them ideal for using up against a wall while still being able to view the water flow over the glass. The water is held in the fountain basin where it is pumped up the frame of the fountain by a powerful water pump.


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