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Water Features In Traditional Feng Shui
Water Features In Traditional Feng Shui

In traditional ‘Landform Feng Shui’ we find that the most auspicious placement for a home takes into consideration the natural structures surrounding the house. The basic arrangement includes mountains behind the home that symbolize a protective barrier and smaller hills on either side that enfold the dwelling or embrace it. As you look out from the home entrance you should be able to see an open space in front, known as a ‘bright hall’ and somewhere close by a body of water such as a pond, lake or water feature. Ideally, beyond the water source there could be a small hill that further encloses the area and keeps the beneficial Chi energy generated by the water within the area framed by the hills behind and on either side. This ideal arrangement, known as the ‘Armchair’ formation, protects your home on all sides both spiritually and physically and supplies a limitless supply of beneficial Chi energy from the surrounding landscape. Fountains can also be used to honor ancestors.

The same principals mentioned above apply to city dwellings just as they do to rural locations. However, when living in a city we must make compromises to traditional techniques when applying Feng Shui to an urban condominium or apartment. Such compromises don’t make the techniques less effective, it just adapts them to modern homes which were not common at the time the traditional techniques originated. This is where indoor fountains come in.

Small Indoor Fountains Using Traditional Principals

Since a lot of Feng Shui is built on symbolism we can use indoor fountains in place of some of the larger landscape features we may not have available in a city dwelling. A tabletop or wall fountain can be located in an entry foyer near the front door. Almost every dwelling has some sort of room or area near the front entrance where people hang their coats, remove their shoes or transition into the main area of the house. This area will benefit from the addition of a fountain proportionate to the size of the area. In most homes a small table fountain, perhaps on a nice metal stand, or a small to midsize wall fountain will work nicely.

When placing a fountain indoors there are some key considerations to bear in mind. The water should be active or moving, not stagnant and proportionate to the size and style of the home. Installing a large wall fountain like the Deep Creek Falls may seem like a good idea because it looks nice, but in reality a smaller waterfall like Whispering Creek or Inspiration Falls may be more pleasant and appropriate because it does not overwhelm.


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