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Water and Fire
Water and Fire

This waterfall creates a beautiful cascade over the panel surface and generates excellent sound. Our newest addition to the classic line features a center mounted center panel. Stainless steel and glass make a sophisticated statement with a contemporary, yet classic design. This fountain brings together the excitement of fire and water and features a built in flame and fuel reservoir.

Stainless steel with a lightly brushed finish provides a crisp clean look. Stainless steel will not tarnish when exposed to the continual moisture in your waterfall which makes it an ideal material for water features.

$1,395 - $5,545

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Product Examples
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  • Easy 30 minutes or less installation
  • Stainless Steel and reservoir
  • Center mounted clear glass panel
  • Indoor free standing style
  • Quiet submersible pump
  • Stainless steel burner
  • Clear tempered glass
  • Polished river rocks
  • No tools required
  • Medium and large models
    • Adjustable flow valve
    • In-line water filter
  • Dimensions
    • Installed
      • Small: 24" width x 15" depth x 72" height
      • Medium: 32" width x 18" depth x 90" height
      • Large: 48" width x 18" depth x 94" height
      • Grande: 48" width x 18" depth x 118" height
  • Water capacity
    • Small: 12 gallons
    • Medium: 17 gallons
    • Large:
    • Grande:
  • Weight
    • Shipping
      • Small: 180 lbs
      • Medium: 250 lbs
      • Large:
      • Grande:
  • Custom logo

    Size SpecSize Spec
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Premium metal components
  • Soothing waterfall sound
  • High quality
  • In stock
  • Usually ships within 24-48 hours
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