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Bring the outdoors inside with this lovely waterfall. Made of a durable fiber composite material, this water feature will introduce the peaceful sound of falling water into any environment.

Mirrors offer an exciting waterfall surface that are an excellent medium for showing off the subtle waves and downward flow of water. Reflections appear on the mirror in a distorted fashion through the water which adds beauty and mystery to the surrounding environment.

The water flows down a tempered glass mirror creating a dancing water effect. The watergarden can be used indoors or outdoors on a patio or in a garden to create a fresh new peaceful ambiance in any of your decorative settings.

$474 - $714

Free Shipping

  • Indoor or outdoor free standing style
  • Weathered stone frame finish
  • Tempered bronze mirror face
  • Lightweight fiberglass frame
  • Submersible accent light
  • Quiet submersible pump
  • 30 minute installation
  • Adjustable flow valve
  • No tools required
  • Foilage
  • Dimensions
    • Installed
      • Medium: 16" width x 8" depth x 48" height
      • Large: 23" width x 11" depth x 72" height
    • Shipping
      • Medium: 51" width x 21" depth x 11" height
      • Large: 48" width x 40" depth x 80" height
  • Water capacity
    • Medium: 3 gallons
    • Large: 5 gallons
  • Weight
    • Shipping
      • Medium: 39 lbs
      • Large: 131 lbs
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Soothing waterfall sound
  • In stock
  • Usually ships within 24-48 hours
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