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Tondo and Combo with Spillways Tondo and Combo with Spillways

Spillways give direction to the water flow that results in an attractive cascade. Water bubbles from the sphere and fills the bowl sections...

Pricing Starting at $490
Duo and Terso Duo and Terso

Shady areas are beautiful and can benefit from the presence of a garden fountain. Flowing water feels especially soothing and relaxing in a shady area away from direct sunlight...

Pricing Starting at $380
Tondo Tondo

Water flows from the spheres and fills the round bowl sections as it flows downwards...

Pricing Starting at $400
Equinox Round, Equinox Ball Round and Meditation Buddha Equinox Round, Equinox Ball Round and Meditation Buddha

Water bubbles from the top of the pillar, sphere or Buddha head and cascades down over the sculpture...

Pricing Starting at $660
I and Twist with Ball I and Twist with Ball

Like statues, fountains are important garden ornaments and their positioning needs to be carefully considered so that they will both stand out and relate well to the surrounding planting schemes...

Pricing Starting at $600
Contempo Square, Mod I Tall and Short with Ball Contempo Square, Mod I Tall and Short with Ball

These modern style fountains will bring unique flavor to an outdoor area. Water flows from the top ball on the Mod I models and from three small streams on the Contempo Square...

Pricing Starting at $660
Dodici, Ring Ball and Bird Dodici, Ring Ball and Bird

Enhance your outdoor area with the Dodici Ball, Ring Ball, Dodici Bird and Ring Bird. Water bubbles up over the middle section. The vision and sounds of the color and gleaming water are pleasant...

Pricing Starting at $470
Cairo Chalice, Anfora Rigata and Buddha Cairo Chalice, Anfora Rigata and Buddha

Enhance your outdoor area with the Cairo Chalice, Anfora Rigata with Ball, Anfora Rigata, Buddha Trough and Serene Buddha Garden Fountains. Water collects in the reservoir at the bottom and flows over the middle sculpture portions...

Pricing Starting at $640
Buddhas and Zen Ball Buddhas and Zen Ball

Water flows out from the top of a Buddha image or from a center sphere creating an interesting sculpture for your garden...

Pricing Starting at $600
Twists Twists

Water flows up from the top of the sphere or pillar and down over the middle sculpture creating an interesting water accent for your outdoor area...

Pricing Starting at $690
Rubicon and Sedona Rubicon and Sedona

Sunlight will put emphasis on the movement of the flowing water which pools within the basins and cascades over the upper section...

Pricing Starting at $710
Tri, Water Channel and Swirl Tri, Water Channel and Swirl

Water flows down from hte top and over these unique sculptures. The cascade and unique shapes will be an interesting conversation piece for your garden...

Pricing Starting at $880
Water Spirals Water Spirals

When placing a fountain there are some key considerations to bear in mind. The water should be active or moving, not stagnant and proportionate to the size and style of the home...

Pricing Starting at $930
Rustic Wave and Twists Rustic Wave and Twists

Designs which showcase water flowing over sculptured pillar shapes are always an interesting addition to a garden...

Pricing Starting at $840
Pillar and Ridge Pillar and Ridge

Since fountains are architectural in character, they may be used either as the dominating feature in a garden or as a mere incidental feature...

Pricing Starting at $580
Tempo, Twist, Luna and Saturno Tempo, Twist, Luna and Saturno

A fountain is a feature which will enhance a garden and makes an exciting project and diversion from the traditional garden tasks such as planting, pruning and growing fruits and vegetables...

Pricing Starting at $530
Garden Fountains Various Designs Garden Fountains Various Designs

Garden fountains are lovely outdoor water accents that bring a delightful sound to outdoor spaces. These small water features are perfect for compact balconies and terraces...

Pricing Starting at $230
Smooth Pillar and Idra Smooth Pillar and Idra

Garden sculpture fountains are usually best positioned where there are benches nearby where people can sit, converse and relax.

Pricing Starting at $710
Various Tiered and Ball
Various Tiered and Ball

These multi-level water fountains show off falling water and can stand anywhere in your garden...

Pricing Starting at $600
Various Ball and Tiered
Various Ball and Tiered

Introducing Calming Ball, 2-Tier Tapered Square, Prima Bowl, 2-Tier Medium and Prima Medium. Water is collected in the lower section and flows over the top sphere and upper assembly...

Pricing Starting at $470
Tondo and Combo Tondo and Combo

Water bubbles up from the spheres and flows over the lower tiered sections...

Pricing Starting at $370
Hybrid 3-Part Hybrid 3-Part

Three canisters work wonderfully together to channel water from the tallest to shortest. This fountain creates a nice sound due to the multiple water streams and funnel water flow, which is louder then drip designs...

Liveo Liveo

The Liveo is a classic style fountain with a tiered cascade which does not need a lot of floor space like traditional pond fountains do. Water pools in the upper tier and cascades down over the middle tier and fills the lowest bowl...

Hybrid 2-Part Hybrid 2-Part

Two cylinder shaped vessels are joined together to create an interesting water display. Water continually pours from the upper section and into the lower vessel. As the water pours into the lower vessel it produces a nice water sound...

Amphora Urn Amphora Urn

This Urn shaped water feature has water flowing from inside the urn and down cascading down over the ridged urn. The lower pond section works as a water reservoir. You can choose from an array of different finishes to find one which is most appropriate for your garden...

Buddha Head Buddha Head

A contemplating Buddha head works here as a fountain where water flows from the top and down over the image, producing a feeling of serenity and peaceful meditation. Water will fill the lower reservoir and surround the image on all four sides with water...

Venetian Venetian

Specialized techniques have perfected the utilization of composite materials with all the authentic consistency and look of stone to supply you garden fountains of superior value and simplicity of installation...

Versilia Versilia

Water continually pours from four fluted cast solid bronze spouts into a lower reservoir. This design can be appreciated from all sides and creates a pleasant falling water sound. The bronze spouts are made in Italy...

Villa Basilica Villa Basilica

Water pours out from the functional spouts on the center pillar creating a showy display and good water sound...

Rimini Rimini

Water flows in four streams from the lion heads. Water will fill the reservoir section creating a small pond. This fountain creates a nice waterfall display and sound of falling water...


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