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Neogotico Neogotico

The flowing water pools within the basin and cascades over the rim of the upper tier. This fountain creates a good waterfall display and pleasant sound...

Regina 3-Tier Regina 3-Tier

Water bubbles up from the top and cascades down over the edge of the upper tiers. Our current garden fountain selection requires that a customer choose a finish before the fountain is constructed...

Ercolano 2-Tier Ercolano 2-Tier

Cascading water flows over the edge of the higher tier and ball finial and fills the largest tiered section. The finish your choose on your garden fountain may be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to decorating your outdoor environment...

Nocera Nocera

Water cascades over the rim of the upper tier creating a showy display and good waterfall sound. Refined techniques have enabled materials that approximate the look and feel of stone to be used in fountain creation. One of these materials is cast stone which is a high quality dense concrete mixture...

Bottini Bottini

Water pours over the upper urn shaped portion. Adding water to any outdoor fountain should be done in either the early morning or in the evening to ensure the material is not too hot for a sudden shock of cool water...

Caterina Caterina

Water fills the tiers and cascades over the rim of the upper tiers. The view and sounds of the color and shimmering water are exciting. One of the best things we can do to enliven our environment is to add a water fountain...

Tosca 2-Tier Tosca 2-Tier

Water cascading down over the upper tier creates a nice waterfall. The cascade results in a pleasant sound of falling water that can be heard in your garden...

Pavana 2-Tier Pavana 2-Tier

Water fills the tiered sections and cascades over the edge of the first small tier. Garden fountains are an easy way to introduce tranquility and beauty to any size garden setting...

Lorena Lorena

Enjoy the water cascade from the ball finial on this pleasant garden accent. The Lorena will produce a small cascade and water sound...

Stratos Stratos

Among the styles of outdoor water features available we find pond fountains, tiered styles and abstract sculptures with water as part of the design. Each category has its own unique style. Stratos is beautiful in it's simplicity...

Oliva 2-Tier Oliva 2-Tier

This style has a very stable appearance and the reservoir bowl has the advantage of storing a good deal of water which makes the need for refilling less frequent. A small cascade is created using an upper finial and tier section...

Doppia Doppia

Landscape fountains are so welcome in every yard. The Doppia is a simple fountain with water bubbling from the ball finial at the top and down over the first tier...

Carrara 2-Tier Carrara 2-Tier

A simple design with flowing water that collects in the tiers and cascades from the top. The spectacle and sounds of the color and shiny water are impressive. Garden fountains are superb outside water accents and only require minimal care...

Carrara Urn Carrara Urn

This is a very simple fountain but great for small spaces where you want to add the sight and sound of water. Assembly is simple, just remember to add water when needed and make sure adequate power for the pump is accessible...

Carrara Ball Carrara Ball

This small fountain is easy to setup and will look great in a niche, corner or as a general garden accent. Fountains are exquisite outside water accents and scene and sounds they produce add much enjoyment to most gardens...

Orbis 2-Tier Orbis 2-Tier

Multiple individual water streams, a ball finial and a deep reservoir bowl highlight this fountain. Pictured here in the Vintage Stain this fountain can be ordered as you see it, or choose from a variety of interesting colored finishes...

Ronde 2-Tier Ronde 2-Tier

Water flows over an upper ball finial at the top and into a center bowl. From there water cascades down into the lower bowl in multiple individual streams. The Ronde 2-Tier produces good water sound and gives an elegant display of falling water...

Circen 2-Tier Circen 2-Tier

Water flows from the upper finial ball and cascades down into the central and lower tier. The water forms in ornamental streams that fall through the air and produce a nice water sound and interesting display for your garden or patio...


Add beauty to your backyard with the Atherton. Water bubbles from the upper finial and fills the lower tier. Outdoor water features should be proportionate in size to the land area and nearby buildings and homes...

Fontana Quadra Fontana Quadra

Water fills the lower reservoir tier and cascades from the ball finial and upper tier. The vision and sounds of the color and gleaming water are remarkable. This fountain creates a water cascade that looks and sounds great...

Carmel Carmel

Water bubbles up from the central finial and into the tiered section. Garden fountains are lovely outdoor water accents. Landscape fountains are so welcome in every yard...

Porta Marina Porta Marina

Water bubbles from the top and fills the levels below resulting in a nice waterfall display as it cascades down over the tiers. This fountain generates a good sound of falling water as the cascade falls into the lower levels...

Aquarum Aquarum

Add beauty to your backyard with the Aquarum. Water bubbles from the sphere at the top. The pairing of colored finish and reflecting water is pleasant to watch...

Pompeana Pompeana

Water bubbles from the upper final over the top tier and also from the lion heads on the upper tier. To make your fountain the focal point of the patio, a this model is ideal...

Mod Twist Tall Ball Mod Twist Tall Ball

Water flows from the upper ball and over the pillar sculpture. The bowl holds water and acts as re-circulating reservoir. The block adds height to the fountain and is an independent piece from the bowl and pillar sections and used at your option...

Limoni Romani Limoni Romani

The Limoni Romani has lovely vine accents around the circumference of the tiers. Water cascades from the upper finial and over the top tier into the lower tier producing great waterfall sound and an exciting waterfall display...

Mod Twist Short Ball Mod Twist Short Ball

The Mod Twist is a very interesting fountain design with water issuing from the top ball and over a twist style central pillar...

Newcastle 3-Tier Newcastle 3-Tier

The cascading water which pools within the basins and cascades over the rim of the higher tiers. This fountain creates a good waterfall display and pleasant sound...

Parigi 3-Tier Parigi 3-Tier

This fountain has a two tier cascade and all tiers hold and catch the falling water. A submersible underwater light kit is an excellent method of lighting up our outdoor fountains and can be used in conjunction with this style...

Newcastle 3-Tier Short Newcastle 3-Tier Short

An outdoor fountain marks your opportunity to do something uncommon with your yard. The cascading water on the Newcastle 3-Tier Short pools within the tiers and cascades over the circumference of the higher tiers....


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