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Spindel Spindel

This garden fountain is offered in your selection of fountain finish which is applied individually and therefore may not be exactly the same as the example photograph...

Lady Lady

A beautiful lady continually bathes in water pouring from a bowl over her head. The lower basin will fill with water and supply plenty of water for the re-circulating fountain...

Honey Pot Honey Pot

The Honey Pot includes an upper section and water trough that spills water into a pot below. The design creates a good water sound as the water continually spills into the pot section...

Mini I with Ball Mini I with Ball

The Mini I with Ball is an interesting and eye catching sculpture that resembles the letter "I" complete with upper dot. Water flows through the center of the sculpture and issues from the top of the ball or "I " section...

Stream Stream

Cultures ranging from the cradle of humankind to history's most prolific empires have inspired these fountains that represent the spirit and faculty of human creativity...

Augusta Augusta

This fountain includes a reservoir and center piece. Water flows up from the center piece and re-circulates from the reservoir bowl. The Augusta includes easy assembly and requires no plumbing, but will require a nearby power source to plug in the water pump...

Fiore Fiore

This is a new design with a very abstract shape. The shape can take on different interpretations and meanings depending on who is viewing it. The Fiore comes with everything needed for successful assembly...

Rocket Rocket

The Rocket garden fountain has water flowing over the middle section. Available upgrades include hte addition of mica into the concrete mixture for a glistening effect...

Canister Canister

The Canister Fountain derives it's name from the large canister in the center over which water flows. The canister is filled by a raised pillar that continually pours water that recirculates from the round reservoir at the bottom...

Square Scallop Square Scallop

One of the best ways to introduce ambiance and serenity to a garden is by adding a water fountain. Water features can be placed in many different areas and the shapes and sizes available are made to fit in well with existing themes...

Vortex Vortex

The direction the front entrance of a building faces is of great importance in Feng Shui. Many public buildings, homes and businesses have their front entrance facing garden fountains or public water features. This is beneficial for increasing wealth, public service and popularity...

I with Ball I with Ball

The I with Ball resembles a large letter 'I'. The curved middle portion of the sculpture supports an upper sphere that appears to balance precariously on the top. Water bubbles from the very top of the sphere and falls down over the middle section...

Block with Ball Block with Ball

This fountiain makes a great sculpture piece with it's simple and effective contrasting sphere and square designs. Water bubbles up from the top of the sphere and down over the center pedestal section...

Block Block

The Block Fountain is made with a center square pedestal and water will flow from the top and over the square. The square base at the bottom acts as a water reservoir which re-circulates the water...

Spire Spire

These abstract sculptures involve abstract shapes, spheres and other shapes that work together to jog the imagination...


This elegant fountain derives it's name from the curved central shape that resembles a large letter 'I'. This fountain is available as shown here, or with a top sphere that looks like an upper dot. Water bubbles up from the top and falls over the 'I' section...

Round Scallop Round Scallop

While these enchanting pieces formerly were only found in a a small number of popular styles on exclusive properties, nowadays they offer endless possibilities...

Mini I Mini I

The Mini I has a curved center pillar portion which stands in a square base. This fountain is entirely self-circulating and the basin acts as a water reservoir. Just add water to the reservoir as needed. Water flows from the top of the pillar and over the outside edge...

Monolith with Ball Monolith with Ball

There is something peaceful and attractive about a garden fountain, something that is life giving and peaceful and it will absolutely add to the beauty of a garden like nothing else quite can. Having a beautiful outdoor fountain might just be the thing that your already striking garden is in need of...

Vortex with Ball Vortex with Ball

Focus on acquiring a feel for intuitive Feng Shui techniques. Acquiring this skill will make any changes to your garden far more effective then using rules that are not tempered from your own experience in your unique garden setting...

Spire with Ball Spire with Ball

Whatever fountain finish you choose for your fountain is should complement and add to the colors in your garden. Color choice is ultimately up to the customer, however, we have found that colors that blend in well and do not clash too much with the surrounding area work best in the long run...

Hiearchy Hiearchy

The Hiearchy produces significant water sound resulting from it's channeled water trough. Water pours through the air and into a central basin. From there the water then flows over a lower square pedestal. This water sculpture makes it easy to see the water and is exciting to watch...

Lion Lion

A noble lion head pours water from it's mouth into a central tier which overflows into a lower reservoir. The multiple levels works great to produce water sound...

Tagai Tagai

A successful garden includes a variety of different elements that work in harmony. Gardening is much more then simply growing a field of plants without any pattern or design, or placing some garden fountains in an otherwise bare courtyard. We use such things as plants, fountains and pathways...

Monolith Monolith

The way the water feature will fit into your garden is a primary consideration when placing any outdoor fountain. Outdoor fountains are great for circular driveways and make splendid centerpieces for a round about or space in which cars approach the front door or entrance to a hotel...

Buddha Buddha

This fountain has water flowing from a lotus at the top of a Buddha head image and over the face. Towards the lower half water flows into the reservoir in several small streams over a lower lotus shape. This fountain is great for introducing a feeling of serenity into your outdoor area...

Small Olive Jar Small Olive Jar

This material has small glass fibers mixed in with the concrete which gives it added strength. The incorporation of glass fiber into the concrete creates a different look then we will see in traditional cast stone. GFRC has a smoother, more modern appearance then traditional cast stone...

Carafe Carafe

Three carafes form a trio ranging in size from small to large. Water pours through the air from the larger carafe into the two smaller vessels below creating a delightful water sound. Simply add water as needed and this self-contained fountain will provide hours of enjoyment for your garden...

Moon Moon

An outdoor fountain can be beneficial for an area because of the sight, sound and improvement in air quality it will create. Other things that make your fountain special particularly to you and your lifestyle will emerge once you install your fountain...

Obelisk Obelisk

These shapes are often open to interpretation and will therefore mean different things to different people because they excite the imagination ad stimulate the senses...


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