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Urbino Grande 3-Tier Pond Fountain

Urbino Grande 3-Tier Pond

Urbino Grande Tall 3-Tier Pond Fountain

Urbino Grande Tall 3-Tier Pond

Jardin 3-Tier Pond Fountain

Jardin 3-Tier Pond

Urbino Grande 3-Tier Fountain

Urbino Grande 3-Tier

Vistamar 3-Tier Pond Fountain

Vistamar 3-Tier Pond

Isola 3-Tier Pond Fountain

Isola 3-Tier Pond

Pavana 3-Tier Pond

Pavana 3-Tier Pond

Italica Fountain


Julia Fountain


Ariston Fountain


Bassano Fountain


Regale Fountain


Princesse Fountain


Montefalco 3-Tier Pond Garden Cascade

Montefalco 3-Tier Pond

Talenti Fountain


Imperiale Fountain


Louis XV Fountain

Louis XV

Grimaldi Fountain


Urbino Grande Tall Fountain

Urbino Grande Tall

Urbino Maximus 4-Tier

Urbino Maximus 4-Tier

Monegasque Fountain


Isola 3-Tier Fountain

Isola 3-Tier

Porta Elisa 3-Tier

Porta Elisa 3-Tier

Provence 3-Tier Outdoor Cascade

Provence 3-Tier

Acquasparta 3-Tier Garden Outdoor Fountain

Acquasparta 3-Tier

Gardenia 3-Tiered Style Outdoor Fountain

Gardenia 3-Tier

Acquasparta & Fontanone

Acquasparta & Fontanone

Newcastle 3-Tier Tall Outdoor Fountain

Newcastle 3-Tier

Montefalco 3-Tier

Montefalco 3-Tier

Acquarossa 3-Tier Garden Waterfall Feature

Acquarossa 3-Tier

Fountain Installed In A GardenGarden fountains are beautiful outdoor water accents. A garden fountain can be used in public parks, gardens, yards, patios and decks. The most traditional design is a tiered waterfall with multiple levels where the water cascades down many levels of stone. Pond features can also resemble water from a natural spring. These items are very dramatic and have a high degree of water noise and motion due to the water becoming airborne and crashing into the lower level pool below. The water finds it's way into the pool at the bottom and is taken back to the top again by a powerful water pump to begin it's journey anew. Some famous artists and sculptors have created water sculptures which add life and elegance to their creations. Today craftsmen and increased knowledge have made available these works of art for private residences.

Gardens have had accents with water in them for centuries. Ancient Greeks used outdoor fountains as a place for social networking. Fountains often accompanied bathhouses. A fountain also supplied the people with fresh water from aqueducts which served as a social center and a place to meet your neighbors.

Ancient Muslims, taking a cue from Persian gardens, based their water feature ideas around the replenishing properties of water. They placed a fountain in the center to replicate an oasis in the desert. In Asia monks carefully arranged gardens to create peace and harmony, using water as a tool for meditation and contemplation. During the Renaissance period Italy became known for its lavish gardens. These areas had ornate sections carefully patterned with flowers and hedges. Water features became quite popular. Impressed with Italy's gardens, the rest of Europe's landscape soon had many gardens with water as a focal point as well as a spot for meditation. Later, "natural" type landscaping became popular, with shrubs and trees strewn about to look more rustic. Pond fountains became popular in these types of gardens.

Today no garden courtyard feels complete without some sort of garden fountain in it. Fountains can be seen everywhere. From a park or home garden, to a front yard, or deck. Architects like to use fountains to create a natural element into their designs and building courtyards. Garden fountains create a sense of serenity and elegance to any size yard. It provides a tranquil space in an otherwise hectic world. With all the different styles and types of materials there is sure to be a garden fountain available for anyone's style or budget. The most traditional type of waterfall is the tiered style. This style is best in a large garden since it tends to take up a lot of space. Its tiered style allows water to cascade from higher levels to lower ones and works well placed in the center of a garden. Ornamental garden fountains also work well placed in the center because of their showy attractiveness. These fountains often contain sculptures, such as woman dancing and cherubs as well as animals and flowers. Natural looking fountains are also quite popular. These are generally pond fountains where water cascades off of rocks into a pond, much like a small waterfall. These types of garden fountains are generally easy to set up and maintain. Pot fountains are easy as well. These fountains are made from pots of different sizes arranged to create a playful water display. Pot fountains are good for those on a budget since they are inexpensive.

A garden fountain can be made from a number of different weather-resistant materials. Stone is the most popular since it is so durable and can handle most weather extremes. Stone can be very expensive though, depending on the type material which is usually granite, slate, and marble. Concrete can be an cheaper alternative, but both stone and concrete are heavy and hard to ship. Today there are composite materials which can be molded into different shapes and textures to create any style. Resin and fiberglass are two popular options. Both are cost effective and light, so they can be shipped easily. No matter what size a person's budget is, there is a garden fountain that can fit it. With the availability of cheap materials and a variety of traditional and contemporary designs, there is a fountain to fit any style or home decor. Garden fountains create a natural setting and bring a peaceful atmosphere wherever they are placed and also have many benefits.

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