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Garda 3-Tier Pond

Garda 3-Tier Pond

Introducing Garda 3-Tier Pond from Exalted Fountains. Water fills the pond to capacity and creates a continual cascade over the tiered sections. The display and sounds of the color and shiny water are breathtaking.

Refined techniques have enabled materials that approximate the look and feel of stone to be used in fountain creation. One of these materials is cast stone which is a high quality dense concrete mixture. This material is much more affordable then conventional sculpted stone and can also be fabricated in a reasonable amount of time.

Cast stone fountains begin with a thought, a sketch is prepared and then a drawing to scale. Next, an original is sculpted, a cast made and concrete cast into the mold. Following curing, the final piece is hand finished in a color which will match the customer's vision of the individuality and style of the piece. This outdoor garden fountain is handcrafted individually for each order with a custom finish and is an item with significant weight and challenge in shipping. Due to these factors it is not eligible to be returned after delivery.

Nowhere in the world have fountains been more a part of everyday life than in Italy. Italy has customarily made the municipal and garden fountains centerpieces of daily life. The combination of elegance, function and splendor is incomparable. These fountains are derived from many of the customary fountain styles of Italy with their intricate ornamental look and their unequaled capacity to manipulate cascades into displays of splendor and elegance.

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Features Specifications Benefits Availability
  • High quality concrete (cast stone)
  • Hidden cord design
  • Concealed pump
  • Premium finish
  • Submersible LED light kits (sold separately)
    • 1-Pack ($75.00)
    • 3-Pack ($119.00)
    • 4-Pack ($149.00) * Recommended
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes pump and tubing
  • Soothing waterfall sound
  • No plumbing required
  • No mortar required
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand-crafted
  • High quality
  • Made to order
  • Usually ships within 6-8 weeks