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Wall of Water with Copper Overflow & Mortaio Wall Fountains

Wall of Water with Copper Overflow & Mortaio Wall Fountains

Price: $1,010.00 - $1,060.00
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  • Introducing the Wall of Water with Copper Overflow & Mortaio Wall Fountains from Exalted Fountains. Sunlight will accentuate the activity of the flowing water which pools in the basins and cascades over the perimeter of the higher tiers. The vision and sounds of the color and gleaming water are breathtaking. Garden fountains are picturesque outside water accents. People are fascinated by the beauty and style of these fountains. They are held together by gravity and do not rely on interlocking component parts. For this reason, they should be placed within a secure area.

    This outdoor decoration fountain is offered in a dyed finish which is mixed and applied by hand and thus may vary from the illustration photo. These fountains begin through an impression, a drawing is prepared and after that a full scale diagram. An original is after that sculpted, a mold made and concrete cast into the mold. Following curing, the ultimate piece is hand completed in a color which will match the persona and design of the piece. This is a prepared to order custom waterfall which cannot be returned once ordered.

    Nowhere in the world have fountains been more a part of daily life than in Italy. Italy has customarily made the communal and garden fountains centerpieces of daily life. The mixture of elegance, function and splendor is unsurpassed. These fountains are derived from many of the traditional fountain styles of Italy with their decorative ornate look and their unrivaled ability to manage cascades in unmatched displays of beauty and elegance. Incorporating outdoor lighting gives your fountain a visibility at night that is as exciting as the show during the day.


Features Specifications Benefits Availability
  • High quality concrete (cast stone)
  • Hidden cord design
  • Concealed pump
  • Premium finish
  • Sold separately (not included)
    • 1-Pack submersible led light kit (+$75.00)
    • 3-Pack submersible led light kit (+$119.00)
    • 4-Pack submersible led light kit (+$149.00)
  • Dimensions
    • Wall of Water with Copper Overflow
      • 32" width x 30" depth x 66" height
    • Mortaio Wall
      • 35" width x 31" depth x 64" height
  • Installation guide
  • Wall fountain tops must be secured from behind to a wall, fence or other supportive structure for stability
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Includes pump and tubing
  • Soothing waterfall sound
  • No plumbing required
  • No mortar required
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand-crafted
  • High quality
  • Made to order
  • Usually ships within 4-6 weeks

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