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Flowing River Tabletop Or Floor Sitting Fountain
Indoor Fountains

Indoor fountains can be used in homes and business. An indoor fountain is a dynamic works of art that uses solid materials to shape, control and influence the flow of water. Each fountain is a dynamic work of art put together by experts in the fields of stone sculpting, metal fabrication, engineering and business. You can see the makers within the product you receive, from the way stones were cut to include specific colorings, to patina artwork designs by a metal fabricator in their studio, to the careful attention to packing items for safe transit to you. Interior fountains come in many designs from small to large to fit all room shapes and sizes and they are suitable for most any environment. Our three lines of indoor water fountains include wall fountains, floor fountains and tabletop fountains. Bring the natural sight and sound of a natural waterfall into your home or office.

Wall Fountains

Indoor wall fountains bring the beautiful ambiance of a natural waterfall into your home. Wall fountains are dynamic works of art, changing from one moment to the next. the soothing sound of running water from an wall fountain can be a tranquil backdrop for your living room, office or bedroom. A nice alternative to mirrors or paintings, wall fountains add an element of surprise to any room. All the water walls are made with consumer installation in mind. This means that they include the brackets and other items you need to successfully mount them to your wall. In addition, they do not need to be hard wired and will plug directly into existing household wall outlets. You have a choice of having a licensed electrician install an outlet on the wall behind the fountain or simply reaching the cord to a nearby existing outlet.

Table Fountains

Exalted Fountains originally got it's start manufacturing tabletop water fountains. Many people like to add instant stress relief to their home or office desk with a tabletop fountain. Impress clients and guests with the visual and audio presence of a small water feature near your door or reception area. We are very knowledgeable in this area and have many styles available with quality materials like real stone such as marble and slate, copper, Stainless Steel and ceramic. These small water fountains can be placed almost anywhere and are very easy to maintain and make great gifts. Our inventory of table fountains can be found online.

Floor Fountains

Known for their relaxing and healing powers, floor fountains introduce the soothing sounds of water to any space while providing a unique visually display that is ever varied. The soothing sounds of a waterfall help engage the mind and bring the tranquility of a mountain stream into any interior setting. Indoor water fountains are an excellent source of white noise that will drown out extraneous sounds and enable you to relax to the regular sound of cascading water. Floor fountains have become especially popular in the healthcare industry. Many of the floor features are now manufactured with specialized anti-bacterial coatings, ultraviolet lighting systems and auto fill kits that enable them to function practically maintenance free and which enable them to pass quality control procedures in most modern health care facilities. Browse through our selection of impressive indoor waterfalls. There are many styles of these floor fountains available also for private homes which include colored acrylic floor waterfalls, models with natural amethyst geodes and mirror faced waterfalls that will reflect images and light throughout your room. Floor fountain with custom logos are perfect for your business lobby, office or waiting area.

Custom Fountains

Sometimes we cannot find the exact fountain we prefer among the many standard models of fountains available. In these special cases there is still hope. Custom water features are on option for the discerning customer who has a vision in mind that is specific and unique to a space. these situations require individual attention, good communication and more time. They also require making drawings which will help the fountain be visualized and altered before the fountain is built. This process ensures that the final product adequately reflects what is desired. We have completed and consulted on many custom projects that have uniquely enhanced both the image of business brands, public areas, residences and health facilities.

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