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Nature's Elegance
Nature's Elegance

Water flows from a copper pipe and grid assembly. The pour produces a good water sound. Fill the basin up higher for a softer sound and at a lower level for louder sound. The hand thrown glossy black ceramic vase is painted in your choice of antique gold paint (pictured left) or antique copper paint (pictured right). The copper components and vase are all handmade at the artists studio. The ceramic is fired in a kiln and the copper cut to size. No two are exactly the same and the fountain feels special. The stainless steel block is pictured for illustration only and not inculded with the fountain (unless you want to request one specially made).

The creator of these beautiful water features has honed her artistic skills by studying the fine arts for many years. She began her studies in Persia at Tehran University. The studio and handcrafted creations now originate from California.

This water art will be a living entity as it flows, cascades and creates a tranquil sound space as well as an aesthetic delight. Depending upon how you use it, this water art can interact with you in a number of different ways. When deciding where to place your newly acquired water art you must account for the acoustics of the surrounding environment just as much as the aesthetics of the placement. While a certain placement location may look more attractive, you must remember that your new water fountain will entertain your ears as much as your eyes.

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Antique Copper PaintAntique Gold Paint
  • Antique copper paint or gold paint
  • Stainless steel cube not included
  • Gloss black ceramic vase
  • Copper grid assembly
  • Plants not included
  • Tabletop sitting
  • Indoor use only
  • Accent stones
  • Handcrafted
  • Dimensions
    • Installed: 9.75" diameter x 5" high
    • Shipping: 12" length x 12" width x 10" height
  • Water capacity
    • Quarter gallon
  • Power source and voltage
    • Electricity, up to 120 volts
  • Shipping weight
    • 13 lbs
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Soothing water sound
  • No plumbing required
  • Hand-crafted
  • High quality
  • Made to order
  • Usually ships within 2-3 weeks
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