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Tuscan Vineyard Tuscan Vineyard

The Tuscan Vineyard wall fountain is artistically framed in our Tumbled Travertine with decorative molding and grape vine inlay. It uses a standard mirror as its water surface. Each water feature is totally unique in color, texture, and temperament...

Pricing Starting at $3,800
Saleen Saleen

The Saleen brings a different design element than any other fountain out there. With its sporty diagonal gills both top and bottom, and its tall slender size, the Saleen is sure to impress. Beneath the cut outs lays a clean brushed aluminum...

Pricing Starting at $1,815
Stream Stream

The creator of these beautiful wall fountains has honed her artistic skills by studying the fine arts for many years. She began her studies in Persia at Tehran University. Stream is available with natural slate with both flame copper and brushed stainless steel...

Pricing Starting at $980
Shi-Sheh Shi-Sheh

Choose flame copper or brushed stainless steel and textured glass giving a further dimension to the downward water flow and making the waterfall appear fuller. Decorative texture along the vertical edges appear as drops of water along the frame...

Pharaoh Pharaoh

The Pharaoh fountain is a shape all in itself. The complex design draws you in as you focus on the forward extrusion then the bending at the top drawing you down to the bottom where the flame torched copper in-lay is...

Sacrifice Sacrifice

The Sacrifice is artistically framed in our deep toned Virginia Multicolor hand-cut slate with a removable face that has a silhouette of a illuminated mirror cross delicately framed in hand torched copper...

Solitude Solitude

Some creatures thrive in solitude. Capturing a mystical moment of an animal under the light of the moon leaves you the feeling of being off in the wilderness in solitude. Framed in the shape of Arizona, or customize with your favorite state, a scene of your choice is artistically placed under the light of the moon...

Stonehenge Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a handcrafted piece of art consisting of over 30 hours to create from start to finish. Stonehenge is artistically framed in copper slate matched with brushed inlayed copper. This feature is the first of its kind to have an edgeless design...

Pricing Starting at $1,650
Hummingbird Hummingbird

The Hummingbird is a moment frozen in time, shining like a jewel in the night. Beautifully handmade stained glass flowers rest in front of the mirrors surface. The flowers are bright red in color with deep green pedals attached to a hammered copper stem that are meticulously placed within the Hummingbirds reach...

Victorian Victorian

Having two full negative edge mirrors gives the fountain an impressive look. Made of Café Marble with decorative fleur de lis inserted makes for a very smooth an elegant feel. On the far corners, the stone has been along a radius and lines up pattern for pattern within the stone...

Ra Ra

The Ra is artistically framed in our deep Red Copper hand-cut slate with flame torched copper in-lay. Getting its name from the God of the Sun, the overall feeling of this fountain is powerful! At the top of the feature is a keystone, with alternating sized stones placed around it and the bottom with a complex flame torched copper in-lay of a sun...

Impress Impress

This water art will be a living entity as it flows, cascades and creates a tranquil sound space as well as an aesthetic delight. The sculpture has two small streams, requires no plumbing behind the wall, and is available in flame copper or brushed stainless steel...

Pricing Starting at $746
Enchanted Creek Medium Enchanted Creek Medium

Enchanted Creek Medium is made using natural stone, river pebbles, cement and glass with a bronze finish stainless steel frame. Choose from four pebble color themes including, black, brown, turquoise and white...

Trailing Trailing

Trailing is made using natural stone and bronze finish stainless steel. The river stones create an extremely simple yet stunning backdrop as the water flows over the panel surface...

Sea Clef Sea Clef

We see a nice contrast between the simplicity of the backdrop and frame colors paired with the complexity of the river pebble arrangement giving Sea Clef an artistic touch that you don't always achieve with a plain standard panel...

Shindo Falls Shindo Falls

A unique triangular two panel design gives this waterfall a unique artistic look. Shindo Falls will make a contemporary artistic statement in your indoor living area...

Victoria Falls Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls uses handcrafted slate and pure copper. This handcrafted wall waterfall is unique and will enhance your indoor lifestyle...

Triptych Falls Triptych Falls

This stunning indoor wall fountain boasts lightweight NSIâ„¢ rajah slate panels. The fountain panels are made of genuine slate bonded with a composite material for an extremely lightweight design that can be installed quickly and easily...

Duet Falls Duet Falls

Water gently flows down the NSIâ„¢ Slate faces into a basin filled with polished river rocks. The calming sound of falling water will accompany this piece wherever you choose to mount it, filling the room with tranquility...

Horizontal Falls Triple NSIâ„¢ Lightweight Slate Collection Horizontal Falls Triple NSI™ Lightweight Slate Collection

Color variation will be seen in the NSIâ„¢ Slate with unqiue combinations of red, brown, gold and rust hues. The frame comes in your choice of finish. Choose from solid patina copper, brushed stainless steel, black onyx or copper vein...

Starting at $3,995
Horizontal Falls Double NSIâ„¢ Lightweight Slate Collection Horizontal Falls Double NSI™ Lightweight Slate Collection

Waterfalls made with our NSIâ„¢ Slate sheers a very thin layer of genuine Indian Raja Slate and fuses it to composite material with the same chipped edge technique as slab slate. All the beauty is retained and the weight is reduced by over 90% making it easier to hang a wall fountain...

Starting at $3,125
Horizontal Falls Large NSIâ„¢ Lightweight Slate Collection Horizontal Falls Large NSI™ Lightweight Slate Collection

This waterfall creates a beautiful cascade over the panel surface and generates excellent sound. The frame comes in your choice of finish. Choose from solid patina copper, brushed stainless steel, black onyx or copper vein...

Starting at $2,250
Verdigris Falls Horizontal Verdigris Falls Horizontal

Modern and sleek, the Verdigris Falls Horizontal glistens with Mica on NSIâ„¢ Slate making it sparkle under the gentle sheeting water. The semi-matte Black Onyx Trim compliments the fountain's modern aesthetic...

Pharaoh II Pharaoh II

The Pharaoh II is a handcrafted piece of art. Much like its earlier cousin the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh II is a water feature with a very distinctive tapering shape. The feature is smaller than the original but still just as amazing...

Pricing Starting at $4,400
Angel Falls Angel Falls

This great looking wall mounted waterfall is handcrafted using natural slate and copper. Angel Falls will be a beautiful addition to your indoor setting and will enhance the lifestyle of any home or business...

Grape Bowl Grape Bowl

For those who require a lot of water sound! This copper is treated with a patina enhancing solution to create the regular green patina you see. Fluorescent lighting sparkles off the water as it cascades...

Horizontal Falls Medium NSIâ„¢ Lightweight Slate Collection Horizontal Falls NSI™ Lightweight Slate Collection

Featuring NSIâ„¢ Slate and a solid patina copper, brushed stainless steel, black onyx or copper vein frame...

Starting at $1,125
Vertical Falls Small NSIâ„¢ Lightweight Slate Vertical Falls Small NSI™ Lightweight Slate

Warm white dimmable LED lighting illuminates the waterfall from the top. White LED lights up the waterfall without interfering with the colors inherent in the natural material. The lighting comes with a handheld remote control...

Horizontal Falls Classic Collection Horizontal Falls Classic Collection

Nothing surpasses the beauty of classic natural minerals. The classic materials include solid natural stones including marble, slate and granite. Petrified tree roots, natural variations and the wide variety of frame options make Horizontal Falls a great prospect...

Starting at $1,595
Vertical Falls Classic Collection Vertical Falls Classic Collection

Pair classic materials including marble, slate and granite with solid patina copper, brushed stainless steel, black onyx or copper vein frames with upper lighting in a vertical easy to hang wall fountain...

Starting at $1,295

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