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Deep Creek Falls with Rustic Copper Frame and Rajah Featherstone

Deep Creek Falls with Rustic Copper Frame and Rajah Featherstone

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  • Introducing the Deep Creek Falls with Rustic Copper Frame and Rajah Featherstone from Exalted Fountains. This water feature combines three independent stone panels that compose the fountain as a whole.

    The stones of India are recognized worldwide for their gorgeousness and elegance. Every stone is hand cut and its edges chiseled to perfection making each fountain a one of a kind work of art. Each waterfall is an original with its own distinguishing shading, coloring and texture which may well differ from the example photos. Among the slates the black stone and green stone have some variation of shade; however, the most dramatic difference is seen in the remarkable rajah multicolor stone, which varies in its range of greens, reds, golds, and rusts. You can see natural petrified tree roots within the marble that give each slab a unique one of a kind design. The marble will also be entirely unique in character, veins and patterns in the design giving your waterfall a unique personality found nowhere else. The even flow of water on this wall waterfall is gorgeous as it cascades down the natural stone face. Water fountains can promote focus and encourage relaxation. In spaces where there are a lot of different sources of noise the flow of water can produce a white noise barrier which is consistent and predictable. The water sound from interior water fountains can also be connected mentally with peaceful settings, tropical islands and beautiful waterfalls.

    The most common frame materials for waterfall walls are copper and Stainless Steel Frame. Copper is used for a number of reasons. Copper has a superb color, is able to be be patterned with a range of designs by applying heat, and is extremely soft making it easily formed and molded into the desired form. All copper parts are fashioned in high grade copper from the mountains of Utah. The exceptional marblelike finish is burned into the copper one section at a time by proficient artesians. A clear coat finish is then applied to the metal to give it a high luster finish as well as to shield the copper from naturally turning green over time.

    Wall water fountains will add a touch of elegance and opulence to any interior whether it is in your bedroom, living room, den or office. Wall mounted fountains are an excellent choice for adding visual charm to a wall that would normally be plain or ordinary. Water fountains fill the room with the charming sounds of cascading water that rejuvenate the mind and soul. The display and sound of a water feature can establish a soothing environment. Wall water features are one of the most elegant methods to bring one of nature's most purest substances with its comforting sights and sounds into your environment. The conversion of a silent home room into a calming natural environment that is full with sound is remarkable. Indoor fountains are the fastest increasing trend in interior design and are easy to maintain.

    The lightweight featherstone version may be chosen to facilitate ease of installation, the only noticable difference is that the sides of the slate are edged in your choice of frame material rather then the thick chiseled slab edges of the classic slabs. Featherstone is made from natural slate, but it is made from a very thin sheet of stone material that is adhered to a lightweight artificial backing material. Choose a clear coated copper frame in a rounded or squared frame style. A custom Copper Vein Frame frame finish is also available. Order in your choice of standard halogen lighting or upgrade to LED. Our new LED lighting upgrade is capable of lighting effects (static, flash, strobe, dim, fade and smooth transition) in multiple colors and comes with a handheld remote control.

Features Specifications Benefits Availability
  • Indoor use only
    (hood for outdoor use sold separately)
  • Written installation and maintenance guide
  • Dimmer control knob if you choose halogen lighting
  • Multi-function remote if you choose LED lighting
  • On/off switch for the lights and water
  • Installation and maintenance DVD
  • Molded anti-leak reservoir liner
  • Pebble beach splash guard
  • EZ install wall bracket
  • Multicolor accent stones
    (Black can be substituted upon request)
  • Dimensions
    • 91" width x 6" depth x 69" height
  • Weight
    • Installed: 255 lbs
    • Shipping: 518 lbs
  • Installation guide
  • Custom logo (+$495.00 per stone)
  • Reduce waterfall height (+$300.00)
  • Personalized stone selection (+$100.00)
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  • Premium metal components
  • Beautiful natural materials
  • Soothing waterfall sound
  • No plumbing required
  • Made in the USA
  • Hand-crafted
  • High quality
  • In stock
  • Usually ships within 24-48 hours

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