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RO Filters
Adding Auto Fill Capability To Your Water Sculptures And Fountains

Adding auto fill and drain capability to your water sculptures is possible and comes with several benefits. Most water fountains available on the market come as self contained units. This is for both ease of installation as well as to keep initial costs as low as possible. However, getting your sculpture with an auto fill initially makes things easier and less expensive in the long run. This is especially true with larger units which evaporate out more water into the air then smaller units. Since distilled water is recommended for all indoor water sculptures without auto fill you must buy distilled water to replenish your fountain.

If you get a unit with auto fill there is no need to buy distilled fountain water for your fountain. As your water line comes into the fountain from a public source water filters can be placed on the water line which will clean the incoming water of all mineral and hard water deposits. You will need to change filters periodically but they should not cost as much as buying distilled water. There are also timer solenoids which can be placed on the line which can be programmed to fill and drain water sculptures at a specified time. Most auto fill capable fountains come with a drain on the sculpture which is capable of draining all the water out of the unit. After the water is drained out the auto fill senses the low water level and automatically refills it with clean water. You must attach another outlet pipe to the drain on the fountain which exits onto a existing household drain to let the water out to use this feature. Draining your fountain brings maintenance to a minimum because any sediment in the water gets flushed out during the draining process. With self contained sculptures you would need to remove the water by hand or with a portable sump pump in order to get he water out and wipe down the fountain trays.

For these reasons auto fill and drain options save time and effort and insures that the fountain remains as clean as possible and cleaning it is not delayed. Auto Fill components cost little extra from the start because you must purchase the extra parts. It is also recommended that a professional be hired to install auto fills due to the complexity involved with bringing in a special water line and attaching all the necessary components. However, an auto fill will save money over the long term by using public water and keeping your fountain clean. High quality water sculptures can be an investment and are made to last a long time. For these reasons auto fill options are a good choice to consider for your wall water sculptures in the long term. We have a huge array of wall water features, wall fountains and floor standing waterfalls available in both self contained and auto filled varieties. Auto Fill and drain systems can work in conjuction with reverse osmosis fountain water for superior water purification.

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