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A Fountain In A Garden Setting
Adding Water Fountains To Your Garden

One of the best ways to introduce ambiance and serenity to a garden is by adding a water fountain. Water features can be placed in many different areas and the shapes and sizes available are made to fit in well with existing themes. In addition to the beautiful spectacle of falling water you will get with an outdoor fountain which will relax and delight you, is a soothing sound that will delight the senses. Among the most common places to place a water feature outside is in courtyards, placed up against walls, fences or posts or other supportive structures. Another bolder option is to go center stage and position your fountain in the center of a circular driveway or up against the home entrance as a confident welcoming feature to all who approach your home or business by foot or vehicle.

Selecting The Right Product For Your Garden

Knowledge of the many outdoor fountain styles available and a working familiarity with your particular garden theme will make it easy to select a compatible product for your outdoor area. Gardens that are heavily manicured or have a strong amount of human intervention to sculpt their appearance in style will usually welcome a contemporary fountain with ease. The strong edges and bold shapes will add to the sculptured feel of a well landscaped area.

Rustic garden areas that have a primarily natural feel, as opposed to a sculpted one, will usually welcome a traditional fountain design. In this category we will include classic water features in the tiered style with multiple levels and often circular designs that can be lavish or simple. This style often includes lower pond sections that function as water reservoirs and give observers an exciting visual display of falling water as the water cascades into the lower pond section. Water features that include mostly ponds or water receptacles as a primary design theme also fit well into the traditional category because they mimic a naturally occurring pool of water rather then an artificially made design.

Water is a blessing to outside fountains. The spectacle achieved through the use of cascading water is a delight that is not obtainable in any other way. The sound of falling water is peaceful and assists greatly in contemplation and relaxation whether we are seeking to know ourselves in solitude or find ourselves in others as we converse with friends. Pets and other animals find moving water most attractive on an instinctual level. Water has been used for centuries as a facilitator of contemplation, relaxation and social discourse. The aim achieved is mostly a product of the style of water feature used, the place in which it is situated and the informed pairing of the product, area and intent of the water feature. Knowledge of the outdoor fountains currently available on the market, a familiarity with how they function and fit into outdoor garden themes and how the garden area will be used are important considerations when adding a fountain to your garden.

Understanding Fountain Shapes

Fountains for gardens come in many diverse shapes.

These shapes include:

  • Classic tiered styles
  • Contemporary abstract designs
  • Pond styles with bubbling water
  • Waterfall ledge models
  • Wall mounted features with water nozzles made from bronze, copper and concrete

When selecting a shape for a fountain pay particular attention to theme, style and colors already present in your outdoor setting. Each garden will differ because no two outdoor areas are the same. However, wide categories and general themes do exist that will guide you to a categorical style that best fits in with your garden.

Knowing Your Garden

Gardens have many stylistic differences.

These themes can include:

  • Sculpted foliage and immaculately manicured lawns
  • Primarily stone and hard surface rock gardens
  • Water gardens composed mostly of ponds, lakes and streams
  • Rustic natural gardens with minimal maintenance and human intervention
  • Smaller outdoor areas decorated primarily with potted plants and planting receptacles
  • Sculpture gardens focused around statues, animals and accents like sundials, wind chimes, gazing globes and abstract shapes

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