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Ancestor Feng Shui, Water Features and Mountains
Ancestor Feng Shui, Water Features And Mountains

According to ‘Flying Star’ Feng Shui one of the most auspicious positions for a house is the ‘Throne Position’. In this position the house sits in a valley with supportive mountains behind, small hills to either side and a water source such as a lake or water feature in front. In many articles on the subject we find it recommended that the front door or entrance face the water source with mountains behind. In ancestor Feng Shui the focus is on clan, family and lineage and this is represented by the mountains. Therefore, buildings that focus on family or ancestors may benefit from positioning and facing directions that symbolize these things. This also has a great practical and intuitive basis as well, as we see in almost all effective Feng Shui techniques. Having the back door face a mountain protects the dwelling quite well from attackers or potential intruders and also enables children to stay close to home and dwell in relative safety.

Things To Consider For Ancestor Feng Shui Guardian Animals

Guardian animal statues like lions and Foo Dogs are widely seen and excellent housing for protector spirits. These symbolic statues are often seen on either side of a doorway or entrance and they chase off passing evil spirits. They most effectively come in pairs and we usually find one female and one male.

Ancestral Hall

When using a hall or room within a home to honor ancestors it can be beneficial to locate this room on the left side of the building. The left side is Yin and is more appropriate to honoring the deceased then the right side which is Yang and more active and concerned with the living.

Entrance Orientation

The direction the front entrance of a building faces is of great importance in Feng Shui. Many public buildings, homes and businesses have their front entrance facing garden fountains or public water features. This is beneficial for increasing wealth, public service and popularity. When we wish to honor ancestors, live a reclusive or meditative life however we may be more comfortable facing symbols of support and enduring strength like mountainsides, majestic boulders or tall trees in an ancient forest. Many monasteries are built on or face grand mountains and if they do have water features they tend to be quiet pools or ponds which are more Yin and conductive to contemplation and meditation, rather then socialization or public affairs.

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