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Antique Bronze
More Indoor Fountains Now Available With Antique Bronze Option

Indoor fountains come in a varied assortment of powder coated finish choices. These colored finishes are in addition to the extremely popular base metal options of Stainless Steel and Rustic Copper. The most popular finishes are placed into regular production and the regular manufacture of these popular items brings the cost down over what one would pay with a non-standard custom coating. Currently, the stock finishes available include Textured Black, Copper Vein, Silver Metallic and now Antique Bronze. In testing the indoor fountain market Antique Bronze was offered standard on a small popular item, the Whispering Creek Wall Fountain, and the response to this finish offering was satisfactory.

An extended selection of indoor floor standing and wall mounted fountains is now offered with the Antique Bronze finish option. In spite of the positive response to Antique Bronze, there is still a small up charge fee required to order indoor fountains with this exciting finish. Eligible fountains can be ordered with the Antique Bronze coating for an additional $250 over the base model prices. Indoor wall fountains with the new Antique Bronze upgrade option include:

  • Cascade Springs
  • Inspiration Falls
  • Deep Creek Falls
  • Cottonwood Falls
  • Majestic River
  • Summit Falls
  • Sunrise Springs
  • Teton Falls
  • Solitude River
  • Regal Falls
  • Aspen Falls
  • Olympus Falls

* Antique Bronze will continue to be offered on the Whispering Creek and Reflection Creek models.

The floor fountain line can also be upgraded with the new finish. These models include:

  • Harmony River
  • Tranquil River
  • Grandeur River

Because of the introduction of the new finish on so many indoor fountain styles, professional photography showing the finish on each particular model has not been completed. For this reason a finish swatch is included for reference on the product ordering page. It will also be most helpful to look at another style fountain showing the finish pictured to get the best idea of how the finish will appear. This can be done using the Whispering Creek and Reflection Creek models used for initial testing.

Antique Bronze has a unique look that sets it apart from other finishes. The contemporary appearance of Antique Bronze makes it an excellent match for recent faucet and appliance coatings that have a darker brown and reddish tinge likely used to better fit in with modern design that uses some wood and darker natural materials in construction, rather then the established and popular brushed Stainless Steel and shiny Chrome look. Antique Bronze is also a worthwhile alternative to Rustic Copper because a powder coating has a smooth uniform appearance that will appeal to purchasers who require a very modern look and do not prefer the heat torched patina used in the fabrication of Rustic Copper. Antique Bronze also matches extremely well with darker fountain materials like earth toned Rajah Slate and Brown Rainforest Marble.

Colored powder coatings are quality finishes that are durable, beautiful and stand the test of time when applied professionally to quality base materials. The baked on finish ensures the color will not fade or wash off when used on a water fountain and in close proximity to the moisture it generates. Indoor fountain frames have a sealing top coat applied that protects the finish and frame. This clear coat is especially important on the Rustic Copper component models because Copper is so susceptive to moisture and will rapidly patina or turn a forest green when exposed to moisture.

The recent addition of a new fountain powder coating color into the indoor floor and wall fountain repertoire adds to the wide variety of choices already available. It is important to keep up with modern contemporary design trends when offering home decor products. Keeping up with modern indoor design trends ensures that new construction has access to these beautiful water features that fit in so well with and complement strongly themed building design.

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