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Koi Pond
Asian Outdoor Water Fountain Idea

An excellent idea for an asian inspired outdoor water fountain will result in a significant addition to a patio area. This idea consists of a water pool, a spherical fountain and an upper water trough. The three elements of this design work together in harmony both visually and auditory for an excellent piece that will provide a soothing ambiance. As a final thought the addition of Koi fish is a beautiful finishing touch to water fountain feng shui.

Lower Water Pool

The water pool will be the main source of water and will act as the re-circulating supply for both the spherical fountain as well as the water trough. The water pool will be recessed into the ground and can be any shape we like. In keeping with the Asian inspired theme we will prefer rectangles, straight lines and long narrow channels for the water to travel through. Asian architecture makes use of Feng Shui principals in design and strives to balance masculine Yang shapes with Yin feminine shapes. Straight lines are Yang in nature and work great to balance out the Yin and softer feminine aspect of water which is yielding and seeks guidance from strong masculine channels that enable it to showcase it's beauty.

The reservoir pool is ideally constructed of concrete to remain water tight over many years of use. The concrete is best left unstained for the protection of fish that may be added. The concrete will soon take on a natural used appearance as moss develops in the water. Moss is nothing to be concerned about and in fact makes the outdoor water fountain more beautiful then it would otherwise be and the moss also becomes a food source for the fish. So we can make a long concrete reservoir that jogs in direction in rectangular patterns. If we have a walkway that follows the path of the reservoir this is especially effective for viewing the water and acts like a type of walking meditation.The paths can also wind over the water course in the form of small bridges and even cross the water in the form of small stepping stones.

Spherical Fountain

Unless we are looking for an extremely modern design, a spherical or bowl shaped fountain is great to place somewhere within the reservoir. This is a fountain that sits in the pond and bubbles water up over a sphere or other round object. The round shape balances the straight lines of the reservoir and softens the effect and provides a calm feminine or Yin energy. Under the sphere will need to be located a submersible water pump to re-circulate the water and the pump cord will need to be routed out to an electrical supply either through the concrete or alternatively out the side of the reservoir concealed from view.

Natural moss will develop on the concrete and darken it's color which looks very beautiful in most cases. If a spherical water fountain is added it is often easier to purchase a sphere fountain rather then to make your own. These can be set into a pond or made plumbed for pond, which means without the lower water bowl section which will not be needed since you will already have a pond which will act as a water reservoir for the fountain.

Water Trough

A water trough is just another way of channeling water. When we use more then one method of shaping water it works to balance out the experience and keeps us interested and focused on the water. The water trough is best built at one end of the channeled reservoir. The trough is shaped like a piece of concrete that protrudes up from the edge of the pond and has a spout that funnels water through the air and into the pond. The shape and effect of the trough is dynamic, masculine and Yang in nature which balances and complements the softer bubbling water of the sphere which is Yin and feminine in nature.

Fish Pond Koi

The addition of colorful fish called Koi completes the effect of the water feature. Koi have been traditionally used in Asian ponds to symbolize good luck and wealth. Koi have bright vivid colors such as orange, gold white and red. In the tradition of balance a Koi with some black is always placed in with the others to respect and acknowledge the negative or opposing principal to the other colorful fish of good fortune.

Overall Effect Of The Water Fountain

When finished, the overall effect of this outdoor water fountain is quite beautiful and difficult to convey with words. A sense of balance and complexity is achieved through the use of straight lines and curved forms that are interesting and engaging. The channeling of the water through the sphere fountain and the trough plays on the water in a unique manner resulting in vivid water movement and reflections of light on the water surface. The colorful fish really stand out against the moss and concrete and add a new dimension of excitement and life to the fountain.

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