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An Autofill Capable Wall Fountain
Filling A Wall Fountain Automatically Using An Autofill

What is a wall fountain Autofill and how does it work?

A wall fountain autofill is a mechanism that will replenish the water on your water feature as needed with minimal work on your part. We will notice right away the many benefits such an apparatus may have, both in terms of piece of mind and in reducing maintenance to a minimum.

The complexity and cost of auto-fills makes these arrangements a non-standard option on most wall mounted waterfalls. Autofill capability is typically offered as an option only on the larger and more costly wall fountains, especially those that have more extensive water capacities and those products that are made to order. Water replenishing systems are also optional on some of the larger floor standing indoor waterfalls such as the Stainless Glass Indoor Waterfall.

A good example of a cascade that has automatic fill capability is the Trinity Falls Wall Water Feature. This product comes standard as a completely self-contained unit. Self-contained means that it can be ordered to hang on the wall and operate without any plumbing modifications. This standard setup will also require you to add water at regular intervals to replace water due to evaporation. THe water will also need to be of the distilled variety to avoid hard water deposits that may crust on fountain surfaces due to the mineral deposits in municipal water supplies. Here we really begin to understand the benefits of automatic fills. A water filter can be attached to the incoming water line with an Autofill that will clean the water automatically. You may need to replace the filter at specified intervals for optimal performance.

Automatically filling wall waterfalls works on a set of principals that is not to difficult to understand. The individual installing the wall water feature must tap into a water line already existing within the building. This water line will direct towards the fountain and should have a filtering apparatus in-line (supplied by the end user) and a timer solenoid (included with the Autofill kit). The water line then proceeds to the waterfall and is in contact with the fountain reservoir and water supply which it contains. The timer solenoid is programmed by the end user to add water at specified intervals. You will need to gradually set the water fill amount as you come to understand how much water your fountain requires on a regular basis. This water requirement will vary in each case depending on how often the waterfall is run and weather conditions in the environment in which the fountain is installed. Start off with a small amount of refill time and gradually increase it until a balance is achieved that will maintain an optimal water level. The optimal water level will never allow the level to go down to the pump, and it will also no be so much as to constantly overflow out through the safety drain tube. Using an Autofill should be considered together with fountain maintenance.

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