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Urn Garden Water Feature
A Beginners Project - The Urn Garden Water Feature

In this article we will discuss a garden water feature that is most suitable for beginners. In fact, the urn project is so simple anyone will be able to add this feature to their garden or patio with ease. The surprising thing about this garden fountain style is that you can achieve a peaceful and relaxing effect with minimal effort. The only requirements for this project are to keep an eye out for an urn or garden vessel that can be used to contain water, a desire to fill the vessel with water on a regular basis and the availability of a nearby water source.

The types of urns used to hold plants will not work for this project. Vessels for plants have drainage holes for the water a the bottom. Use must use an urn without holes in order to keep the water contained. I have found that the majority of the time I will come across an urn while out doing my daily errands that is perfect for this kind of project if I keep my eye out for one. Going out specifically to shop for a vessel also works if you know where to go, for example a landscape supply store, nursery or a store that sells decorative home accents.

Types Of Garden Urns

An urn water feature can make use of several types of urns. Terra cotta urns are made from baked clay and are perfect for holding water.Metal urns are also available ad have a more formal, classy and conservative appearance. Metal urns usually have flaired handles on both sides and are commonly seen on upscale estate walls, porches and enterance areas. Terra cotta and metal urns typically have ornate designs encircing the circumference of the urn that can be flourishes, garlands and even mythical creatures like bacchus or the heads of animals like a ram or horse.

Making The Water Feature

Once a suitable urn has been obtained it can be filled with water. The easiest way to do this is by using a garden hose. This will save time and effort and is easier then filling a pail with water and carrying it to the urn. I prefer to fill my garden urn on a daily basis to ensure it is always full to the brim with water. Daily filling also ensures that the water is clean, clear and fresh at all times. I don't recommend letting water in the urn stagnate or become soiled with dirt or fallen leaves since such a situation may attract stagnant energy to the area. Abandoned water features, however, can be beautiful and mysterious in their own way in the right situations.

It is also beneficial to overflow the urn with water, rather then to simply fill it.The overflow of water symbolizes abundance. The presence of bubbles when filling the urn are thought to symbolize wealth. Remember to locate the water feature on a safe surface that will not be damaged by water. Acceptable surface include lawns, concrete,stone and brick.

The Ambiance Of A Garden Water Feature

One of the most remarkable good things about a garden water urn as a water feature is the peacefulness achieved through simplicity. You don't need an expensive complicated display to enjoy a water feature in the garden. I fill my garden urn every morning and greatly enjoy doing so. The water shines as it reflects the morning sun and glistens as the water overflows the urn and runs down the sides onto the ground. I feel relaxed and feel great even from five minutes in the morning filling my water feature as I have coffee before heading off to work. It's a worthwhile investment for so little effort and time.

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