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Garden Fountain Made Of Cast Stone
Cast Stone Garden Fountains

The vast majority of garden fountains offered through Exalted Fountains are of the cast stone variety. There are benefits to using cast stone materials in water fountain applications. Using the term 'Cast Stone' can be misleading if you are not familiar with exactly what the term means and what the creation process entails.

'Cast Stone' is different from 'Natural Stone'. Garden fountains in the past have been sculpted from natural materials such as limestone, marble and granite to name just a few. So many large fountain installations have been made famous through the costly and artistic expertise they embody. These precious works of art are constructed at great expense and effort and are not commonly obtainable by the garden owner of average means. We can find them occasionally in gardens attached to estates of some notoriety or home owners with much financial means at their disposal. These stone fountains are what many people associate with the term 'Cast Stone' or when they see a 'Cast Stone' fountain in a splendid finish that resembles 'Natural Stone'.

'Cast Stone' is made from a high quality concrete mixture. When we refer to 'high quality' here we are referring to a smooth, dense and compact mixture that resembles stone, not a rough mixture like we will find in asphalt or road surfaces. This dense mixture is one of the things that adds so much time to the creation process because the material must completely cure and dry before shipping occurs to prevent damage to the fountain. The mixture is well blended and put through a process to remove air pockets and other imperfections.

Cast Stone is mixed and then poured into a mold. After it hardens the mold is removed revealing the finished piece. The fountain is then sanded down to remove rough edges. Finally, a colored finish is hand applied to the fountain. The hand made nature of the creation and finishing process makes each garden fountain unique in it's finer details. The dye, which is also mixed by hand, will vary slightly with each batch and the final finish will never be exactly identical, though of course the overall fountain shape and design will be the same. This difference in detail is sought after by many people who appreciate art forms, because through it the piece develops a character and individuality that is more then the material can offer on it's own. This character is something not easily obtainable by mass produced items. The final finish is applied to the exterior of the fountain and not blended in with the concrete mixture. These garden fountains can also be purchased unfinished, meaning with no color dye finish applied, and the end consumer can stain the piece on-site ensuring exact color matching to their needs and also offering an interesting and satisfying project in it's own right.

Exalted Fountains offers an entire line of traditional style garden fountains in cast stone. This material is made from a high quality concrete mixture using a mold and curing process and finally a hand applied colored stain finish from an array of color choices. Cast stone material is much more affordable then natural stone and has a density and weight that gives it a durability and stoutness when used outdoors. These benefits make cast stone a worthwhile alternative to natural stone for most consumers.

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