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Cleaning A Wall Mounted Fountain

In this article we are going to discuss cleaning and maintaining your wall mounted fountain. We recommend cleaning your wall fountain at least three or four times a year. The frequency which you clean the water feature may vary based on the type of water that you use and the location of the water fountain.

Today, I am going to discuss four basic areas of the water feature. First, the water distribution unit; second the water surface; third inside the water tray and the pump and fourth the decorative metal trim. First, I am going to discuss how to clean the water distribution unit. I find that when I clean the water distribution unit it's easiest to remove the first. There are three main areas of the water distribution unit that you need to be sure clean. First, is the front face; second is the top lip; and third is inside the trough. We recommend using an abrasive or scotch brite pad to do the cleaning. Simply take the pad and run it back and forth being sure to cover the entire area of the water distribution unit until all the calcium and hard water stains or possibly the oxidation is removed that may be accumulated over time. You may need to remove the white plastic baffle in order to clean out the area of the trough, just be sure to replace it when you are done so the water flows properly over the top.

Next, clean the water surface. We sell many different types of water services from slate, marble and natural stones, to glass, mirror and even our featherstone. I will now discuss how to clean the slate and discuss the others. First, I start by getting the stone wet. I use the same scotch brite pad that I used to clean the water distribution unit. I simply scrub it back and forth taking off any loose debris, calcium or hard water build-up that may have accumulated. With the glass and mirror I find it easiest to use an ammonia based glass cleaner. The featherstone is cleaned the same way as the natural stone. Start by getting it wet and use a scotch brite pad going back and forth until it's clean.

Next, I'd like to talk about cleaning the decorative trim. The decorative trim are the metal pieces at the top in the bottom of the water feature. Most of the decorative trim to be cleaned with ammonia base glass cleaner. Simply spray it on, being sure not to get it on the wall, and wipe it off. Be sure not to use abrasives or the scotch brite pads that we discussed earlier as those could take the decorative finish off the metal. Cleaning the Stainless Steel decorative trim is a little different than the other decorative trims. We recommend using an oil free Stainless Steel cleaner. The water tray should be cleaned as needed. Before cleaning you need to remove all the water. We recommend doing that by using a wet dry shop vac, a siphon or cup bailing it out.

While the tray is empty we recommend cleaning the large particle filter on the pump. This filter screwed onto the back side of pump to be unscrewed and cleaned. Just remember to replace it when you are done. When everything is cleaned to your liking simply put it back together and turn the wall fountain back on.

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