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Concerning the Minerals Used in Table Fountains
Concerning the Minerals Used In Table Fountains

Indoor table fountains can add a feeling of peace and tranquility to your environment. They are exquisitely designed and easily maintained. Many different minerals are used in for indoor water fountains. The minerals are chosen based on their appearance, ability to be unique, ease of reflecting light and their translucence. These fountains can be made fairly easily and even evolve into an enjoyable hobby.


One of these minerals used is sodalite. This stone has a beautiful blue color with white streaks throughout and is a common lapidary material, being used for jewelry and other decorative accessories. It is also a minor constituent in the much more precious mineral aggregate lapis lazuli.

Sea Shells

Natural sea shells are also used in many fountains. The shells have a hole bored in them so the water will flow from within the shell. Many shells are also illuminated with accent lights which produce a soft glow of the shell.


Minerals commonly used are crystal quartz, amethyst and orange calcite. These minerals are excellent desktop fountain materials due to their translucency. When illuminated from within by a small finger light the stones will glow. The soft glow of a quartz fountain makes an excellent night light. Clear crystal orbs are mostly used as spinning top spheres because light penetrates them easily and shimmers as it is reflected in different patterns within the inherent quartz fissures as it spins. This reflecting effect is amplified by the water on the outer surface of the sphere.


There is also available a line of handcrafted pottery fountains with internal waterfall scenes. Shards of the pottery are broken off to form a hole in the vase. These shards are used inside the pottery to create a miniature waterfall scene where the water flows down from the top, over the shards and pools into the water below. There is a small accent light at the top to illuminate the scene. When you peer closely into one of these table fountains it looks like you are gazing into a miniature world.

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