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Contemporary Style Vase Fountain
Contemporary Garden Fountains Reflect Current Trends In Home And Garden Design

Current trends are reflected in contemporary styles. Contemporary styles strive to reflect the issues, concerns and overall milieu of the present. A good example of this process can be seen by looking at products by decade and how they appeal to people's lifestyles and complement other products for the home and garden.

Contemporary products differ over time. A fountain which is contemporary at a given time will eventually pass on to a more traditional style if it endures long enough. By extension, a modern style feature in the present will become more 'normal' and contemporary as time passes.

The 1980's was a decade of consumerism, bling and corporate greed. Some of the most popular home decor and garden products reflect these tastes of the day. Outdoor water sculptures were a very popular product of the era. As corporations and private individuals attempted to showcase their wealth and success to others they often resorted to public installations that were costly and which set them apart from competitors. This phenomena can be seen in the trend of installing elaborate water sculpture shapes in the front of corporate buildings, each trying to out do one another in scope, expense and design. These water features were often constructed from Stainless Steel and other materials that fit in so well with the building designs of the era. Such designs having a crisp, clean and curious sterility that likely paved the way for a minimalist trend in in the following decades. These abstract sculptures usually involved abstract shapes, spheres and other shapes that worked together to jog the imagination. Such water features were often placed in front of, around or within large office buildings at prestigious locations and were a status symbol unto themselves symbolizing the success and ability of the company to pay for such ornate displays.

One interesting example of a water feature that has evolved along with the times is the bubble wall. The concept of using air or a substance like oil within water is so beautiful and effective that this technique has endured a long time, though the capsule and outer housing for this process has changed along with current trends. For example, the Lava Lamp was extremely popular in the 1960's and 1970's and was a staple in any bachelor pad of the era. Though looking seemingly outdated today, the Lava Lamp concept lives on in the extremely popular bubble panels. Another interesting example of changing trends over time can be seen with this particular product. Lava Lamps were a modern and hip item in the past, being widely favored by a young and somewhat rebellious customer base. They were rarely seen in proper living rooms of the time. Today this concept is widely favored by hospitals, corporations and some of the most conservative venues around. Thus the concept evolved successfully from modern to contemporary over a few short decades.

Exalted Fountains offers you a variety of contemporary fountains for the home and garden. Such offerings include bubble walls, shapes, colors and designs that reflect the current trends and design themes of today. In addition to stock products, items like bubble walls can be custom made into sizes and shapes not seen before giving free range to the imagination and sparking future trends in the field of fountain design.

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