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Custom Glass
Custom Built Water Features

Made to order custom built water features can be manufactured to your exact needs and specifications. A custom water feature is particularly appealing because it starts out from many of the other sculpture based water products around by being entirely unique in design. This uniqueness makes it interesting. By extension, this interest attracts more attention then a standard model that is more commonly found.

Drawing attention and holding a viewers interest is what many procurers of custom water features endeavor to do. By attracting interest, attention can be drawn to a place, brand or to a message which furthers the agenda of the water feature purchaser in many aspects. There are certain ways of customizing a water feature to draw attention to a business, brand or message. It is these techniques that we will discuss below.

Creating Ambiance Using Shape

The shape chosen for a customized water feature is of primary importance. The overall shape will dictate the general feeling people get when they see the feature. Straight lines, flat surfaces and shapes such as squares tend to convey a more abstract and modern feel. This produces a cooler more sterile ambiance. Softer shapes like curves, spheres and textured surfaces create a softer ambiance that results in a warmer feeling. These two techniques can be used in isolation, or they can be used in conjunction with one another to create to create balance between these feelings.

It is well to consider the environment in which the custom features are placed quite carefully before deciding on a shape. Deciding on a shape is not as simple as it may first seem. Too much of one kind of ambiance in a location can be counter productive and detract from the original purpose of the feature. Often a water feature is considered because it introduces a complementary element into a location with strong energy in one direction. It is considered because it may somehow soften the area or add into a location something which feels to be lacking. To take a particular example, a warm and inviting park area may be the perfect setting for an abstract shaped water sculpture that stimulates the intellect and is a nice contrast to the natural relaxing setting which is so peaceful it may put people to sleep. This usually works well because the abstract design complements the natural park area and provides a point of reference that is different and inviting. The contrasting feelings reinforce and strengthen one another. In conjunction, they become stronger then they would be in isolation or paired with more of their own type.

This complementary phenomena may be one reason we can become suddenly inspired with a solution to a workday problem while sitting in a peaceful park contemplating an abstract water feature. Often when this occurs, such insight has evaded us in an office or corporate setting for a long while. The relaxing of the mind coupled with the rational contemplation of the shape gives us the nudge we need to overcome and realize the solution we have been seeking. Our mind becomes balanced between two extremes and arrives at a solution that has evaded us in the one sided environments where it is more difficult to contemplate a problem from all perspectives.

Generating Feeling With Color

The use of color is well known to be one of the most powerful ways of affecting emotion. Therefore, the color of a water feature will affect how people feel about it. By association, color will also play an important role influencing about how people feel about the area around the feature which could include a business, advertising and other people in close proximity and also how an observer interacts and enjoys the milieu.

What makes the use of color especially powerful is that it results in a primarily unconscious association and therefore bypasses the conscious mind when producing feelings. When feelings are not censored and analyzed by the rational conscious mind they are acted on as coming from within oneself, and by extension are accepted as more true and valid rather then as the result of the external world, in which cases raises defense mechanisms and reduces the power and effect of the feeling.

Since the effect of color has been so widely studied in the field of Psychology there is already a plethora of excellent research on this subject. There are even charts with colors and their meanings we can refer to when selecting colors. Put simply, warmer colors like reds, yellows and oranges will uplift the mood and create feelings of openness and happiness. Colder colors like grays, blacks and blues will result in colder more isolating feelings and a more melancholy effect. The use of color is not just relevant to paints but also to materials as well. For instance, copper would be warmer then Stainless Steel and slate would be warmer then glass.

Custom water features can be made to order and manufactured according to individual needs. Two of the most important considerations when specifying a custom water feature are the shape of the item and the colors used. Shapes can create an ambiance that either strengthens, reduces, balances or complements the energy of the existing setting. Color can produce a whole variety of feelings and ought to be used carefully in conjunction with water feature shapes to create the desired effect because of it's very powerful effect on the conscious mind.

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