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Water Wall Glass
Custom Water Feature Designs

If you are searching for the ideal element to summon serenity in your dwelling or corporation custom water features may be just what you want. Ever since ancient times, the sound of water has been used in reflection because it has the ability to invoke deep relaxation, which is a basic requirement to experience and have for ourselves the diverse benefits we can get from meditating. Since not every person has the luxury of living in a waterfall inhabited district having one built in your own special environment is the next best thing. It is such a relief to know that we have options on hand just in case that we want to avail of the magnificent benefits that water features can offer. Of course, regardless if you are into deep relaxation or not, face it, custom water features supply a WOW factor that is absolutely unparalleled.

Some water features take up a whole wall in striking metals with exceptional lighting while others will factually become a wall in the middle of a room. They can flow into their own pool or there are those that plummet from the ceiling, like a giant inviting shower. These types of water features can be constructed in any size so essentially, whatever your aspiration is, a designer can make it a reality.

Designing Your Own Water Feature

Infinity Water Features

One of the most interesting water features I have ever seen in an urban environment is what is referred to as an 'infinity waterfall'. This type of water feature is a waterfall type feature at the end which appears to drop off the edge of the world. This is a straight drop off that produces the effect and it looks like there is no bottom or the point at which the water concludes is hidden from view. The water appears to fall forever into infinity. Infinity waterfalls are very involved and difficult to construct and are almost always custom builds. They can also be very costly to create and install.

To get an idea of an infinity waterfall think first of a roof of a tall skyscraper on which it is possible to access and walk around on. A network of concrete troughs can be constructed and water pumped in from the building water supply. This will result in a pond or lake formation around which people can walk. It will look somewhat like a gazing or reflecting pond because there will not be much movement to the water.

At one or several areas of the building a spillway will be constructed that will enable the water to flow smoothly off the side of the edge of the roof., Obviously, there will need to be a catch basin situated out of site that will catch the water and prevent it from flowing down the entire side of the building. This catch basin will also enable the water to be recirculated back into the upper reservoirs. The infinity edge, or where the water flows off the roof edge is most effective visually when it covers a wide area, or even the entire side of the building, rather then being limited to small water streams. The water slowly cascades over the edge of the building as water is pumped through the system.

Imagine the sun, moon and sky reflecting off the water as it begins to move. It appears as if the ground below your feet is moving which is pretty awe inspiring. It can also be a little frightening for people that are afraid of heights! Due to the vertigo producing effects of these types of water features there will need to be a barrier or way of keeping people away from the edge of the building so people don't become disoriented and loose their sense of balance.

The water features that are provided by a running cascade found their way in meditation centers, sanatoriums, clinics and especially casinos, numerous years ago. While they were once viewed as being reserved for only these types of environments, now many businesses are jumping on the opportunity to add them to their decoration to let their customers, clients and patients to feel more comfortable and welcome. Such move on the part of these company establishments as a part of their marketing plan in an attempt to attract more future clients, business partners and clientele have been established to be an successful strategy. Later on, this practice is being emulated by other industry establishments regardless of the industry that they supply to. Soon enough, the use of water fountains became a common practice in many establishments as we now know it. It has also been suggested that even staff are more proficient when they are in the presence of custom water features. It helps them to get alert on what they are going to do, thus the finishing of their delegated tasks and job assignments become more fluid. Logo fountains are an especially popular option for commercial and corporate establishments.

Custom Water Feature Designs

One of the most popular custom water feature designs is the company logo. Most businesses have some sort of emblem, symbol or other shorthand way of enabling their business to remain in the memory of customers and professional associates. The logo can be an exciting addition because it can be done in a variety of different colors and the customer supplies their own graphic for the logo so the design can be whatever they wish. Logos can be placed on slate, marble and granite stone slabs and also painted onto glass and mirror waterfall surfaces.

In addition to emblems and logos another option for customizing a water feature is to change the size. Typically, when a water feature is custom sized the customer will select a stock style fountain and ask for it to be made taller, wider or overall increase the dimensions to fit the particular space they have in mind.

Another custom option is to change or substitute materials on the waterfall. For example, the metal used on the framing can be powder coated a variety of different finishes that need to be applied on a case by case basis due to the hundreds of possible combinations involved. There may also be some material, frame and lighting combinations that are not regularly stocked and will therefore require a custom assembly.

A third category of custom water feature process involves completely unique ideas that are usually build into existing building architecture. These are the most cost intensive and involved. The process of creating full custom water features can require many back and forth revisions of blueprints or plans between the manufacturer, architect, designer and customer to ensure everything works out as envisioned.

No matter what you have in mind for a custom water feature it can probably be built. You should allow for some modifications along the way due to limitations in manufacturing ability and the capacity of your space to support the feature.

Success With Custom Water Fountains

One of the finest ways of decorating your home without overdoing or without giving the sense that you have just become lazy or overly exaggerated in decorating your abode is by placing custom water features.

Custom water features are very magnificent inside and outside decorations that will positively create and establish a home for you and not just a position where you sleep and dine. By having one of these custom water fountains you will certainly notice yourself living in a spot where you can obtain pure leisure and comfort. Fountain use many different minerals and materials in their construction.

In addition to the outdoor and indoor distinctions of these fountains, there are also ground standing, tabletop and also wall fountains that you can pick from. There are still made to order ones that you can use for your small business or other organization for that matter. Hence, there are copper floor standing fountains, Antique Bronze wall fountains and also tiered garden fountains that really give rise to movement and beautiful water flow. When you lay one of them in your home all the more that it will look and feel grand. You will for sure have superb scenery of water close to your wall or maybe your seat where you regularly take it easy and unwind.

You will be able to create a classy and traditional style in your residence with a waterfall feature even if you have just been adding a quantity of of the new current touches of these different custom wall fountains. In addition, when you glance at it, you will observe a soothing atmosphere and when you just stay put in your spot you will positively feel solemnity and calmness and this only means one thing and that is genuine and wonderful relaxation, relief and elegance all packed up in one. Nevertheless, you will not have any qualms or even a bit of distrust why your dwelling turned into something more striking and more tranquil when this furniture arrives in your home.

You surely recognize that before you could get some of the enumerated benefits, you have to obtain one for yourself. You can just go online and pick out from there which one you will go for. Surely you will locate something that will certainly blend with the shape and theme of your house and something that will unquestionably give your area that wonderful fresh feeling. There is no more denial that after you come home from work you will be able to shake off some of that nervous tension that is occupying your time and even taking over your life. So before anything gets worse, get ae custom water fountain today.

For business achievement you should utilize custom water fountains and you will gain not only the profit that you require but also the clients that you want for your success. A fountain just spells accomplishment in a lot of diverse ways.

One thing that makes a custom fountain even more customized to your residence or industry is your special logo engraved on its surface. With a custom stamped logo not only will your adapted fountain rise to your requirements in panache with your selected surface materials, frame finishes, and dimension, but it will also have that feature that makes all know your business name and how upscale it is. Many large companies show off their position with some kind of great fountain in the entrance. Even miniature businesses have smaller fountains imprinted with their logo to show off their business name in an eye catching way. So for folks who want to display a business name or custom logo in a superb attention grabbing way the customizable fountain along with a custom impressed logo is the finest elegant way to success.

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