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Custom Water Feature
The Custom Water Feature Process

Most people are familiar with the process of ordering stock items such as you could find at a store or online. The purchase of stock items requires very little effort and this is the method most people are familiar with. With a stock fountain or water feature purchase you can typically see a picture of what you are ordering beforehand and perhaps have even seen the item you want running in a store or some other location. The process of ordering a custom item is more of a lengthy process and will involve several steps along the way because the engineering can become complicated. Even those unfamiliar with the process, however, can order a custom water feature if they contact a reputable company that specializes in these items and has the experience to guide them through the process. Custom items are not always the same, but there are several common steps to the customization process which will enable you to become familiar with the process.

Design Consultation

Consulting on the design with a customer is usually one of the first steps. Here an employee or account manager with the company will evaluate your design idea and provide recommendations on materials, size and other aspects to ensure you receive the proper visual effects and functionality you were expecting. Sometimes a customer will not know what kind of materials work best with water and how water will interact visually and audibly with the material, so this is an important step. There are also limitations to what can be done with certain materials, so this will also need to be taken into consideration. A consultation is followed eventually by a written proposal for a customers review and approval.

Engineering Specification

As the project enters the engineering stage work will begin on the specification drawings. The drawings will specify the dimensions, materials and finishes in a detailed manner with sizes indicated. All components will also be indicated on these sheets. This is a kind of electronic blueprint of what will be built for you so it is important to review these carefully before approving them for manufacture.

Production Stage

Once production begins on the water feature your company point of contact will keep you updated on the stages of the process, as you require. Some of the stages of the production process include acquisition of components, metal fabrication, glass preparation and coating of metals.

Quality Control Testing

Before the fountain or waterfall is shipped out it is tested to ensure everything is working properly. A final confirmation that the product has been built to specifications is checked.

Crating and Shipping

Since this feature is custom a built to order shipping container or crate is necessary to ensure your item remains safe in transit and has the best chances of arriving without damage. A production schedule is set that will provide you with a tentative delivery date to help with your production or installation schedule. When the water fountain is shipped out a tracking number is provided so you can more closely schedule a delivery date with the carrier and be present upon delivery. It's important to inspect you water feature before accepting delivery to ensure it has arrived intact and without damage. In most cases when you sign off you are stating that the item has been delivered in good condition, so accepting delivery without inspecting is risky and not recommended.

Product Installation

Large custom water features can have specialized installation for an additional charge. The great thing about installation is that you don't have to worry about how to set it up upon arrival. You are also ensured that is will be setup properly and will function just as it should. If there is anything wrong it can be fixed by fountain company personnel and you will not have to relay the problem over the phone or by sending photos because a technician will be resent in person. The on-site technician will also provide a feature overview and maintenance instructions for those who will be caring for the water fountain.

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