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Chi Falls Art Fountain
Dynamic Works Of Art

Interior fountains come in many beautiful materials such as copper, stainless steel, slate, marble and glass. A waterfall will transform your home into a relaxing and peaceful environment. With hundreds of models and even more combinations of materials and colors availabe on each model we hope you can find something that fits your needs. Wall waterfalls are dynamic works of art, the water movement seems to change the feature from one moment to the next. As water flows through your wall fountain, light reflects off the water in myriad ways. Indoor wall mounted fountains make the perfect piece of functional decor for any home or office. For a natural look and feel there are slate waterfalls, marble wall fountains, and glass water features in a variety of colors and sizes that will add a focal point to any space.

In a very stimulating environment indoor waterfalls with soft lighting can help promote relaxation and a sense of calm. If you would like to add excitement and a faster pace mirror design water features with Multicolored LED fountain lighting and alternating light shows would be a good option. Mirror faced home waterfalls will reflect images back into the room increasing energy in the room and facilitating a more outgoing oriented energy, while a stone faced waterfall would slow down energy and promote a more introverted and contemplative atmosphere.

For contemporary decor there are mirrored and glass units that can be framed in stainless steel that have a clean and sharp look. The fountains that you will find come in a variety of surface and frame materials that can be combined to match any decor. If you cannot find the exact wall fountain that you are looking for custom fountains can be made to fit your requirements.

If you would like innovative finishes in your interior you should consider a wide range of wall mounted fountains. Consumers can choose from a wide range of materials for wall fountains such as copper, slate, stainless steel, glass as well as mirror, marble, and granite. The water feature market is always evolving with new and innovative items. Recently the use of mirrors have come into fashion as well. The popularity of mirrors is likely due to their ability to reflect light and add sparkle to a room.

Mirrored Wall Fountains

Traditional wall mirrors are made with a reflective silver surface and a frame which can vary considerably according to style and personal taste. Modern technology has created the waterfall mirror. Wall waterfalls combine all the benefits of an indoor waterfall with a regular mirror. Water mirrors are just like traditional ones when they are turned off. They appear as a mirrored surface usually framed in metal such as copper or stainless steel and can be used just like a traditional mirror. Many of these waterfalls have accent lights built in with halogen, fluorescent or colored LED lighting which will illuminate your image as you gaze into the mirror.

Fountain mirrors are capable of being turned into a wall waterfall at the pressing of a button. When turned on what was a regular mirror becomes a dramatic cascading waterfall of sound and water. Water begins flowing down the reflective surface and shimmers as light reflects off the water. When turned off the wall water fountain converts once again into an elegantly framed standard wall mirror.

A waterfall mirror can be placed anywhere you would normally put a standard mirror and they come in a variety of sizes and frame finishes to suit your decor. Some even come with different colored surfaces such as blue, copper, green, antique and black to suit your decor.

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