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Quattro Lion 3-Tier Pond
Enhancing Landscaped Areas With Garden Water Fountains

Enhancing Your Landscape

If you have not yet considered garden water fountains recently you are about to be in for the revelation of your life. While these enchanting pieces formerly were only found in a a small number of popular styles on exclusive properties, nowadays they offer endless possibilities. Whether you are looking for that knockout piece to really get your front landscaping noticed by one and all who passes by, or just a little water fountain to lay near your hammock under your shade tree for personal enjoyment, there positively are plenty to chose from.

Transformation Of A Lawn

The makeover that garden fountains can have on their immediate space is pretty amazing. Aside from the fact that they are simply stunning and that they carry their own personality to the region, garden water fountains can produce a very therapeutic environment.

It has been proven that the sight and sound of running water releases energy in the air. It can transport you to foreign far away lands or simply help you to attain deep relaxation. Those who prefer to meditate outdoors absolutely will benefit from listening to the resonance of a fountain.

Garden water fountains articulate a lot about you to neighbors, guests, and folks who are only out walking their dogs too! They say that you appreciate good looks and that you demand admiration because you pay attention to the smallest detail. They also evoke that you are generous because you are sharing such a exhibit of splendor with others.

Choosing The Right Fountain

Whether you are buying your first or one of many outdoor fountains, it is an incredibly special purchase. Fountains should be a sign of you, your traits, likes and the area that it will be housed in. You also need to make certain that the fountain that you desire will augment the aesthetic of the area not distract from it. For example, a tiny garden fountain would most likely not do too much for your landscaping if you put it in the middle of the courtyard but when it is moved to a blossom garden, next to a statue it can bring the area to life.

Standard choices for outdoor fountains nowadays are tiered, garden and wall. If you are creating a serene oasis, solar fountains are the just right accent since they rely on natural sunshine to function. There are no rules when it comes to buying water features but the complete space should be taken into deliberation. The nice thing about these purchases is that you generally know the second that you find the right one.

In addition to choosing the right fountain for you, you should also consider where you place it in your garden. Placing garden fountains for Feng Shui is a philosophy that can help you attract prosperity and happiness.

The Most Sought After Garden Fountain Styles

A garden fountain has the ability to change your outdoor living space into a appealing, relaxed and tranquil setting. Your patio should essentially be as comfortable as the inside of your residence. After all, it is basically just another room! Even if your furniture are simple, a patio water fountain can in fact bring the space to life.

Outdoor fountains are obtainable in virtually every dimension and shape imaginable. Some will run by power, others operate simply by absorbing the giving energy of the sun. You will find them in gorgeous materials like mineral, granite, hand poured casting, copper, iron and more. The remarkable thing about them is that they are so ornamental that if you have room accessible in your residence you can always fetch them inside in the winter for continued enjoyment year round!

It doesn't matter the amount of the patio that you have to work with, there are fountains offered that will fit your space. They can rest in borders or flower gardens next to the patio, perched beside your furniture or some will even lie on a table like a piece of art. Garden water fountains are the great way to add individuality to your outside living space.


The tier style cascade such as the Windsor Garden Waterfall will forever have a place on or surrounding a patio. From Renaissance to contemporary, tiers will never go out of style. Sunshine will highlight the movement of the cascading water which pools inside the basins and cascades over the circumference of the higher tiers. The vision and sounds of the color and glossy water can be exciting. Backyard fountains are striking outside water accents. People and birds are attracted to the loveliness and classiness of these fountains. They are held all together by gravity and do not rely on interlocking component parts. For this reason, they should be situated inside a safe area.

Contemporary and Modern

Patio water fountains that incorporate pillars, urns, trunks, twists and large balls bring a exquisite up to date theme to your space. The waterfall is prepared of glass fiber reinforced concrete to outlive conventional cast stone and with a lighter weight. Cultures ranging since the cradle of civilization to history's most creative empires have inspired these fountains so as to represent the spirit and power of human creativity. The Vertical Canyon Garden Waterfall is a nice example of a modern sculpture style outdoor water feature.

Majestic Animals

While you may directly associate the popular lion with water features, a prideful animal who has demanded notice, used in these settings for years however, new animals now find their way in patio water fountains as well. Today a lot of other animals are enjoyed so whichever your favorite creature happens to be, they can accompany you on your patio too!

People and birds are attracted by the beauty and elegance of these fountains. The Quattro Lion 3-Tier Pond Water Pond Fountain is a good example of using the lion in a water feature.


There are a number of smaller garden styles available but the most awe inspiring outdoor fountains are massive. This is normal as outdoor water fountains are intended to be displayed in an open space and draw the onlookers interest. Outdoor Fountains come in many distinct styles and finishes and are made of a variety of different materials. One of the more customary materials outdoor fountains are made from is concrete cast stone. Outdoor fountains are made to last the weather and will if correctly cared for. As they are somehow gigantic compared to the other kinds of fountains, prospective buyers are worried that maintaining an outdoor fountain would also require a colossal task. This is not necessarily so.

However large outdoor fountains are, they are still fountains and it is a reality that water fountains are straightforward to maintain. Here are some questions that had been asked over the years since we have started our water fountain business. We hope that if you have apprehensions in purchasing an outdoor fountain because of some questions in your mind, this page will be able to remedy your concerns.


No more algae is a care product that you desire to utilize on your outdoor fountain to keep algae from growing rapidly on your fountain. A block of fountain block is also helpful and practicable. Avoid using bleach as this will wreck the finish of your stunning fountain.


You would want to take time to make a decision where you place your fountain. You want your fountain to be the central point of your garden, yet not expose it to unnecessary wear and tear. Make for certain that your outdoor fountain is placed on a level surface. Don't put it on unsteady ground because if irregularly installed the water fountain functionality is affected. Make sure that your fountain is not plagued by overgrown bushes or dwarfed by a large tree. Grimy areas should also be avoided as you would end up cleaning your fountain more often. If you are arranging to set up your fountain on your patio the same guidelines apply. Acquire level earth not overshadowed by other decor and stay away from areas where people always walk by to avert dust build up.


To test if a crack exists, don't use your outdoor fountain for at least a week. If there is a fracture you will see it as it becomes white. For stone or fiberglass fountains, Silicone II can be used to seal tiny cracks.


The most imperative thing is knowing what you fancy so we can help you in choosing your accessories. As soon as you have expected the design plan call us and we would be glad to share our professional guidance. Outdoor fountain trimmings like colored and natural stones, fountain illumination, remote controls and misters are gladly available and we would love to thrash out your options with you.


Primary lighting was the ultimate clincher when you purchased your outdoor water fountain. But for a a small amount of days now, you observe that the lights have become dimmer. You try to check on the wires and the lighting but everything seems okay. The only thing that you have not checked is the water. Take a glance now. The water may be foggy and dirty and the light cannot shimmer thorough for the reason that the water is not clean. It would not take an hour of your time to clear out the water from your fountain and refill it with fresh water. That is just a simple task but it is going to make all the difference in exposing the attractiveness of your outdoor fountain lights.


Cleaning an outdoor fountain is a tad more tough than cleaning an indoor fountain. So if you are an indoor water fountain owner and just recently added an outdoor fountain, be ready for more exertion in cleaning your outdoor fountain. Principally, outdoor water fountains are more challenging to clean because of its dimensions. Imagine getting used to a pleasant tiny tabletop fountain, then abruptly you have a large outdoor fountain to reckon with. Outdoor water fountains are bare to the elements and would require a further full job on cleaning. Make sure that the water fountain is turned off, then drain the fountain. Disconnect the pump and put it to one side. A guidebook will be given below on how to clean fountain pumps. Once you have drained the water out of the fountain, check for algae growth and white scale deposits. You will require to scrupulously clean these. Algae growth is unavoidable as wherever there is water, algae are sure to breed. You would intend to take advantage of anti-algae solutions. This will not entirely end the growth of algae but it will buy you time.

Mineral deposits can be avoided when you utilize distilled water. Then again, for outdoor water fountains, this is not sensible. What you can use is a no more white scale solution on your fountain. This will aid you foil white scale deposits or lime deposits. There are also other available water fountain solutions accessible but be sure to check the label before using the product as several of them are dangerous to humans and animals. Now going back to cleaning your water pump. Once you have detached it from your fountain, make sure that you carefully clean it. Take out the rear of the pump and check the propeller. What you can do is run a clear gush of water through it. You can also use a toothbrush or any long brush to clean tough to reach areas of your pump. Your pump is prone to algae growth and mineral build up, as this is permanently submerged in water. After you have cleaned your pump and its parts, bring together it and attach it back to the water fountain.


As discussed, methodical cleaning should be done every 4-6 months. However if you are considering to have your outdoor fountain as a bird bath, you would fancy to verify the water on a repeated basis and see if it requirements some changing. Having birds on your garden adds to the total feeling of an outdoor water fountain. Fountain fresh care free enzymes and care free birdbath protector are both ecological products that you can use on your fountain .These are safe for birds and additional wildlife. There are a lot of other fountain care products available but make sure to read the label and verify if its harmless for humans and pets alike. Several of these products may be perilous to your health. If birds become reliable visitors in your garden, you would want to empty the water, clean the basin and then refill with clean water at least every other day.

Environmental Factors


If you settle in a region with severe wind, you need to be specially vigilant about the top of your fountain being blown over by the wind. Be specially cautious and use silicone sealant to fasten the apex of your water fountain to its basin. Make sure that your outdoor water fountain is level prior to of applying the adhesive.

Dirt, Leaves And Soil

This is known as white scale, mineral, calcium or lime deposits. This is residue from usage of tap water. This can be avoided through distilled water for smaller fountains, but for huge outdoor fountains you can try fountain care products like care free enzyme water protector and no more white scale. If white scale has already developed on your water fountain, you can make use of calcium lime remover and this will dissolve the deposits in minutes. Water and vinegar blend is also recommended.


Winterizing your outdoor water fountain may be a little daunting. It is easy for smaller water fountains as you can merely drain the water out them, clean the pump and the further parts of the fountain, and gather them in a dry place away from the cruel weather. With just the suitable place you can even use a petite outdoor fountain indoors and take them back out when it is not so cold anymore.

With larger outdoor fountains though, winterizing may be a tad more demanding as moving your fountain is not possible. What you can do is purchase a water fountain coat. They are accessible in all sizes and some manufacturers can tailor the size for you. Water fountain covers are especially calculated to guard your fountain even when the temperature gets beneath freezing. Just make sure that you drain the water out as water when solid expands and this might cause your fountain to break. You can also put blankets, towels or any porous materials on your water fountain basin and body. Again just make sure that the water has been emptied.

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