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Evidence Based Design and Water Walls
Evidence Based Design And Water Walls

Experience the calm and soothing benefits of water walls in your environment. Decades of scientific research reveal that the sound and visual images created by falling water:

Increase creative productivity
Reduce stress
Purify the air
Increase staff satisfaction and accelerate the healing process

Have you heard of the Pebble Project?

When a pebble is tossed into a pond, it creates a ripple effect. That's the goal of The Center for Health Care Design Pebble Project research program, which was initiated with San Diego Children's Hospital and Health Center in 2000. By providing examples of healthcare organizations whose facility design has made a difference in the quality of care, the Pebble Project is already creating ripples throughout the healthcare community. Our Pebble Project partners are demonstrating that facility design can: Improve the quality of care for patients

Attract more patients
Recruit and retain staff
Increase philanthropic, community and corporate supportand enhance operational efficiency and productivity

Do you know about Evidence Based Design?

It is healthcare design that integrates natural elements, such as wall mounted water walls and floor water fountains with architecture to deliver faster healing results for both the patients and the staff. An integral part of Evidence Based Design is Natural Therapy. Roger Ulrich, director of the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas AandM University, performed research that found that in Natural Therapy environments: "blood pressure drops, respiration slows, muscles relax, and moods brighten." The result is a remarkable increase in healing speed. Now you can use this powerful tool for your own environment. We carry both production and custom water walls.

Do you want to create a healthy environment using indoor water walls?

We offer high performance indoor wall fountains with systems designed to enhance the healing process. Water walls provide an environment that attracts and kills airborne pathogens and filters and traps dust and dirt particles from the air. Indoor water features can also prevent the growth of molds and other bacteria. Select indoor wall and floor water walls are equipped with a patented inorganic, anti-microbial coating to inhibit the growth of microbes, interrupt the reproduction of mold, fungus and virus cells and inhibit their metabolism. If bacterial can't grow, it can't live. You can confidently incorporate these water walls into your building and know that these indoor water fountains will not only provide a beautiful and soothing addition, but it will clean the air and keep it clean as well. Some indoor water fountains have been specifically manufactured for use in evidence based design in healthcare settings. These units are treated with Saniguard®, which is a patented inorganic, anti-microbial coating that inhibits mold, fungus and virus cell reproduction. They also feature a PathoBan AG254 Anti-microbial Cleaning System™ which eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and includes the UV light used in the study. Our newest indoor water features were developed to enhance Feng Shui energies in your space. The clean lines on these water walls coordinate beautifully with many different types of interior decor.

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