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Feng Shui Wall Fountain
Feng Shui Home Design Tips

Designing and decorating our homes can be fun and interesting to do. Using Feng Shui as a home design theme will naturally help keep things in balance and proper proportion which will keep our home looking and feeling it's best.

It can be beneficial to have a basic theme in mind when decorating our homes so we can have an idea how things fit together. If we just add a bunch of home accents and design ideas like fountains without some sort of theme we are likely to end up with a cluttered house or too many different styles and ideas which only serve to confuse.

Here are a few simple design tips that will improve our house through Feng Shui:

  • Upon entering, a home water feature should be passed to facilitate the prosperity and wealth of the inhabitants. Even better is a pond with bright colored fish, known as Koi. Colorful fish are great for increasing prosperity. There should always be a dark colored or black fish in with the colored ones to draw away negativity and respect the opposing principal.

  • Upon crossing the threshold into a house you should always have to step up to the home entrance and not down into it. The front door should be painted an auspicious color like red for good fortune or yellow for earth. The paint should be fresh and clean. Really dark colors like black are usually avoided unless they are strongly balanced out by the colors of nearby walls or other accents like colored or clear stained glass or shiny metal handles and door knockers.

  • Water features inside your home where water exits should be carefully monitored and decorated. Certain types of Chi energy, especially of the water variety which can symbolize wealth, are drawn to outlets in the home where physical water drains out. If there are no windows or air circulation in these areas the pressure is increased or the energy is drawn to that area and simply stagnates if the outlet is insufficient. If the outlet is covered or decorated appropriately the energy will not bottle and corrupt or stagnate in these areas.

  • These areas are usually most often found in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room areas. The bathroom toilet seat and top cover should always be down when not in use. In the kitchen the sink drain should have a nice strainer, preferably one that matches the sink material. The strainers on the market that have small animals like birds for center handles work nicely.

  • In the laundry room the washer ideally can have a folding wall or partition between them and the rest of the room that can be shut while it is working or when not in use. As a general rule doors to the laundry room and bathroom should remain closed when not in use. Also, bringing in fresh air to these rooms is beneficial because it allows air and energy to circulate. When windows are present more energy will come in as other energy exits, rather then it backing up and stagnating as a result of being drawn to narrow open drains that only allow a little to escape at a time.
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