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Floating Tap Fountain
Floating Tap Fountains Have The Illusion Of Water Pouring From Midair

A new line of tabletop water fountains has recently been introduced. These fountains all have what appears to be a floating faucet fountain which mysteriously hovers above a bucket below. The taps are constructed of solid brass and are real water taps. Real water which you can see, hear, and touch flows from the tap in a stream into lower bucket. The vessels are unique and constructed to complement a wide range of decor in style, shape, and color. Bucket colors range from the traditional and classic galvanized metal, to the newer flashier carmel apple, candy apple red and saffron yellow, to country white and english garden green. The buckets all undergo water leak testing to ensure they are water tight.

These water fountains require that the lower vessel be filled with stones of your choice in order to operate. This fill material can be stones from your garden, glass beads, or anything else which will accent the fountain and cover the water pump residing within the fountain base. The bucket designs come in several styles including a traditional garden watering can, a water carrying bucket and tall and short vase shapes with brass handles.

Floating fountains trick the minds eye and can be startling to observers. This is because they are unobtrusive and the mind does not pick up on the illusion right away. When they are noticed the magic of the design becomes a great conversation piece. These decor items are very easy to set up and assemble. They require only water to be added periodically and plug readily into a electrical outlet. Water faucet fountains for tables make great gifts and can be easily ordered online.

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