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Wall Fountain Good For A Patio
Fountain Ideas For Small Patio Areas

Decorating small patio areas is an important and worthwhile project for millions of apartment dwellers. One thing that most apartments and condominiums have in common is a small balcony, patio or other type of open air area that enables residents to get fresh air along with the feeling of being outdoors. This outdoor area is often accented with small chairs, plants and sometimes a table where people can have small meals like breakfast and afternoon tea. We also find the use of small statues and wall sculptures to make the space interesting. One feature which in fact fits perfectly into these compact leisure spaces are small fountains. It is no coincidence that small fountains fit in so well, they are especially designed and made to beautify such areas. There are three types of water fountains that fit in well to patio areas. These three types are the tabletop, floor standing and small garden varieties.

Easy Additions

Probably the simplest way to introduce a fountain onto your patio is with a tabletop fountain. Tabletop fountains are s small and compact that it is very easy to envision what you will get. All that is necessary is to decide on a model, perform some simple setup procedures, fill with water and plug the unit in. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tabletop fountains available for quick purchase on the internet. You can even make your own tabletop fountain from scratch using commonly found materials like wood and stone, or opt for modern styles that use Stainless Steel and convey a feeling of minimalism and sterility. Others boast moving parts that both interest the eye and entertain the mind. This is achieved through such setups as the use of rolling balls that move via the kinetic action of water and water wheels that mimic some of the water features we would usually see in a farm of garden setting.

Enhance Wall Space

The benefits of a floor standing fountain for patio areas is that they are both easy to assemble and maneuver and that they are tall enough to cover bare wall areas. Many patios in apartments have by their very nature some kind of wall, trellis or separating structure that shields the patio area in some way from the adjoining patio of the apartment units on either side. This separating area is typically higher then it is wider, making the shape perfect for most stock floor fountains that have a long vertical panel and a less wide vertical length. A fine example of a floor fountain with this design is the Grandeur River. If these side walls are other then a solid opaque material a glass floor fountain works especially well because it's properties enable light to pass through while the falling water obscures the view from both sides.

Outdoor Ambiance

Two of the things that small garden variety fountains have going for them is their ease of use and their ability to convey a feeling of the outdoors. Tabletop and floor fountains, although beautiful and simple to setup, sometimes lack the ability to create an outdoor ambiance due to their design. his outdoor ambiance is one of the primary tings we are trying to achieve in a patio environment. In fact, floor and tabletop fountains have become so popular that many people associate them with indoor water sculptures and something that belongs indoors. With garden fountain accents we automatically feel at ease and imagine that we are in a country or garden setting, far away from the cares of the world, breathing fresh air and listening to the birds and the soft rustle of wind through the trees. This peaceful ambiance is sometimes the very reason we enjoy a patio so much. It enables us to transition from an indoor area and mind set to one of the freedom and space of the outdoors.


Small fountains fit extremely well into the patio areas we would find on most apartment and condominium projects. The small patio area available in these situations, compared to the outdoor area we would typically enjoy on a detached home, make small fountains perfect patio accents. Tabletop, floor standing and small outdoor garden style fountains are the three types that can create an outdoor ambiance and the resulting respite from indoor living.

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