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Fountain Water

A fountain by definition makes use of water. Since water is the lifeblood of any fountain it is important to consider what kind of fountain water will be used, how the particles present in water will effect fountain functioning, and what over the counter solutions and additives are available to treat the water you are using. Using additives can also reduce water fountain maintenance.

What is in water that can effect fountain functioning?

The composition of water and the particles within it are not usually readily obvious to most people at first glance. Many particles are suspended in city and tap water that include calcium and other hard water deposits that we cannot see under most circumstances. However, these minerals do become noticeable if we run water through a water fountain over time. Eventually, these particles will form rings, lines are crusty deposits around the edge of the water level where they accumulate and dry. If the water level varies over time, for example as it is filled to different levels, this will result in several areas of deposit. Eventually these unsightly accumulations will not look appealing and will need to be scrubbed off to remove them. The cleaning of hard water deposits is a necessary chore on most outdoor fountains where we do not have the option of using distilled water as we do with indoor fountains, because the water capacity and evaporation rate of most garden fountains makes the use of distilled water implacable and costly.

One of the best things we can do to eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, hard water mineral depositis on both indoor and outdoor fountains is to add water additives and solutions whenever we fill the fountain. Although there are advanced techniques to keeping indoor water fountains free of bacteria, we can also use these additives with indoor fountains as a preventative measure, but it is better to stick with distilled water on indoor water features since distilled water has been treated specifically to remove mineral deposits and this will best protect our indoor waterfalls. In addition, hard water buildup is much trickier to clean off an indoor fountain because we cannot scrub the sensitive metal parts where they may accumulate without harming the clear coatings and color finishes that are used on indoor fountain styles like floor and wall fountains.

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