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Colorful Koi Fish Are An Ancient Symbol Of Prosperity
Fountains For Prosperity

According to ancient Feng Shui principals, water fountains are believed to be able to increase prosperity. This makes having a fountain around a useful thing if we believe in some of the metaphysical aspects of Feng Shui. As is usually the case with metaphysical philosophy, some of these beliefs have their basis in everyday practical matters. Some water fountain types are more conductive to facilitating prosperity then others, but in general the presence of water works to facilitate prosperity when used in the correct manner.

Fountains are believed to enhance prosperity. This belief stems from ancient Feng Shui principals that have their basis in everyday practical matters and the shape of the surrounding landscape. The landform school of Feng Shui considers the landscape and it's features such as mountains, streams, trees and many other things and how they effect our living space and ultimately our satisfaction with our homes. Such arrangements are very important because they ripple like a pebble thrown into a still pond. Our satisfaction carries over in a subtle manner into personal and familial relationships, work satisfaction, prosperity levels and many other things we may not ever stop to realize.

Practically, where we live in relation to these landforms is more conductive to prosperity and content living then others. Since Feng Shui is an ancient system the techniques used are drawn from ancient needs such as the ability to defend a homestead from land and water based invaders and the ability to irrigate crops to provide adequate sustenance for a family or village. The location and amount of water is directly related to these factors, since without water there is no life, and no way to grow food. In modern times, fountains are primarily used in a more symbolic manner which draw from these timeless techniques. Often the placement and use of a fountain for prosperity is not realized by the average observer. Although fountains can still be used to shield oneself from a noisy neighbor, traffic noise or provide a barrier between one part of land or a garden from another, the feminine nature of water makes it's use by nature a defensive one, rather then offensive. However, as one of the potentially most destructive forces in nature, water is in no way weak or without potency.

The modern use of fountains for prosperity reflects ancient Feng Shui principals. One of the most popular uses of water features today is situating them in front of the entrance to a home, retail or business establishment. How this is done is to place them directly in front of, or off tot he side of the front entryway or door. This technique works to draw in prosperity through the front door and as it enters to pool or accumulate within the establishment. The movement and sound of the water colors the energy moving through the door and slows it down and makes the atmosphere more conductive to prosperity. Any property with an abundant source of water is likely to be a prosperous, and by extension a content one. The reason for this is that the best land to live on has historically been a fertile one. Such fertility necessitates an adequate supply of water in which to grow crops, satisfy nutritional requirements and have enough left over in order to sell the surplus for additional income in order to support a family, further the education of children and enjoy leisurely pursuits. By placing a fountain in front of a home or business we are symbolically drawing in this ancient symbol of prosperity and the abundant energy it creates.

Fountains that hold and contain water symbolize the accumulation of wealth for those with such intentions. Of special importance in prosperity Feng Shui are water features that pool water into one area or that hold water in a reservoir. An example of this type would be a garden pond, or a garden cascading fountain with a lower pond reservoir, or a fish tank or aquarium. Many restaurants, especially asian inspired ones, will use a fish tank near the front entrance just inside the front door between the door and the seating area. This works to draw customers in and increase prosperity for the restaurant. There is usually not room for a large fountain in small business entry areas so fish tanks or small table fountains are perfect. Once inside where there is more space wall fountains or floor standing waterfalls can be used to make customers comfortable and likely to linger longer, which in turn increases sales and prosperity for the restaurant.

In addition to the prosperity factor, the presence of fish effects the energy of water in a beneficial way in much the same way as a fountain would. The fish, especially if the colorful variety or Koi are used, traditionally bring good luck and prosperity to the area. Traditionally, one black fish would always be placed in with the colorful ones. The black fish pays respect to the negative factor and the forces that oppose the prosperity intention. Such opposing factors are always present when we seek to create, and they should be paid due respect and attention if we hope to succeed.

Those who have knowledge of Feng Shui techniques and the philosophy underlying them understand the importance of fountains and water for creating prosperity. The average observer of fountains may not have immediate knowledge of why a certain kind of water feature is used, or why it is positioned in a particular spot. Nevertheless, using fountains in accordance with ancient Feng Shui principals is useful and effective because it's works practically as well as esoterically. Fountains draw prosperity to us and make our homes and businesses as appealing and functional as possible.

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