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The Harmony River Indoor Waterfall with Stainless Steel and Black Spider Marble
Free Standing Waterfalls Introduced In New Sizes

Recent additions to the sizes of free-standing indoor waterfalls have made it easier then ever before to select a model that fits your space and budget. In order to differentiate the many models available, which can run into the hundreds, the new sizes have been named accordingly which will help prevent confusion and make the selection process easier and more enjoyable. The three lines of waterfalls all include premium metal framing components, a selection of colored powder coatings, tempered glass, bronze and silver mirrors and a variety of natural stone components such as slate, marble and travertine. The lines of waterfalls are named Harmony River, Tranquil River and Grandeur River.

Harmony River

The Harmony River waterfall is the smallest of the three recent styles. This free-standing model measures 31" wide x 14" deep x 70" high. At almost 6' high this feature will be tall enough to give a good view of the cascading water. The shipping weight is nearly 200 lbs, however the transporting logistics the unit is possible with two people of average strength. A fountain of this size fits great into niches, corners and other areas of a building that are often neglected during routine decorating endeavors.

The new indoor waterfalls incorporate some noteworthy features and benefits into their design. All units include a through written installation and maintenance guide with step-by-step procedures for assembling fountain components and keeping your fountain in optimal working condition. In addition to the written guide, experience has shown that many people benefit from viewing instructions in visual format where a demonstrator performs the installation on video. Installation and maintenance videos are also available on YouTube.

A video conveys a lot of detail and subtle information that cannot be conveyed easily in written format. A DVD is therefore included with these waterfalls which outlines the instructions visually.

Tranquil River

The Tranquil River is the medium size style in this series. This water feature measures 41" wide x 14" deep x 90" tall. Standing at 7.5' tall offers an impressive view of the cascade which is obtainable without having to lower your line of sight or twist your head to gain an optimal view.

These waterfalls include a molded tray liner that prevents metal corrosion and resulting leakage. A remote control is also included for operating the accent lighting and water flow. This remote feature is extremely useful because unplugging a waterfall from a socket is cumbersome and unappealing for most people.

The incorporating of lighting has been made available. You can select from standard halogen lighting, or upgrade to LED lighting for an added cost. The LED lighting includes a remote control to operate various colors the LED bulbs are capable of and to change the various lighting effects possible through LED lighting. A pebble beach tray which functions as a splash guard and decorative river stones also come standard.

Soothing waterfall sound is another benefit that has been carefully engineered into the design. Sound is one of the primary factors people consider in whether to purchase a waterfall.

Grandeur River

Grandeur River is the largest of the three new waterfall styles. Although nowhere near as big as the largest waterfalls available, the increased size is impressive and will satisfy most residential and average requirements for an indoor water feature. The impressive Grandeur River boasts dimensions of 60" wide x 14" deep x 96" tall. This size is plenty ample for most people and the majority of residential placements. The shipping weight of approximately 400 lbs will entail significant personnel and equipment to move this waterfall and position it into place.

I addition to the features above, some of the less obvious benefits also make these new water features desirable. The use of premium metal components give a feeling of stability to the waterfall that you would not get with reduced quality materials that are commonly used to save on costs and manufactured overseas.

The lack of plumbing requirements make these water features much more aesthetically pleasing then plumbed-in features. You can also move self-contained water fountains around with out hassle or laying water lines. All three of these new waterfalls are made in the USA which will give many purchasers piece of mind because a purchase helps to support jobs domestically and reduces the temptation to sacrifice quality to reduce costs, which is a primary impetus for outsourcing manufacturing overseas.

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