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Garden Fountain Finishes
Garden Fountain Finishes Come In A Wide Variety Of Colors

The finish your choose on your garden fountain may be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to decorating your outdoor environment. Finishes, also called 'stains', are available in a good variety of colors that are specially mixed to blend in well with the flora and fauna found in most gardens and outdoor environments. This palette of colors typically includes a handful of tones in browns, greens and other natural colors.

Our current garden fountain selection requires that a customer choose a finish before the fountain is constructed. Since all the garden fountains we carry at Exalted Fountains are made to order or constructed after a purchase is made it requires no additional effort or expense to finish the fountain in the customers choice. This is a great benefit in general that made to order items have over stock products you would typically find in a brick and mortar retailer or storefront that will usually have only several colors in stock and you will be lucky to find the exact style you require in your preferred color if the item is not made to order. There is also the option of receiving your fountain in 'natural' or unfinished state. Some people who have the skill to stain their own concrete fountain will opt for this method because it enables them to match the waterfall stain with the surrounding buildings and environment on-site after the fountain is installed in the garden for an exact color match. Monitors and resolutions will always differ and this makes it difficult to match the colors you need off a computer monitor in some cases.

In addition to different colors within the same staining technique, there are also different methods of mixing colors. The color mixing technique will effect the final outcome and feeling of your fountain. The traditional classic style garden water fountains in our selection use one technique, while the more modern abstract ones use a different one. Some customers try to achieve exact color matching on the fountain, but we are unfortunately not able to accommodate such requests due to the subjective nature of color and the labor and time involved in shipping, matching and processing physical color samples.

Whatever fountain finish you choose for your fountain is should complement and add to the colors in your garden. Color choice is ultimately up to the customer, however, we have found that colors that blend in well and do not clash too much with the surrounding area work best in the long run and where you place the water feature can also be a determining factor. So if you are pondering a garden fountain we suggest you choose fountain style first them color finish. For some people the style and shape of the fountain can match the shape in a unique way and color and shape do go together, which is one of the reasons we use the different mixing techniques for both the classic and modern water fountain styles.

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