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Fountain Copings
Garden Fountain Ponds - One Piece Vs Copings

One of the things that vastly increases the enjoyment of a garden fountain is a suitable pond. The right size pond makes all the difference in terms of a good visual display of water and increased sound. Within the pond section we see the widest area of water surface and movement of the water. This area is dynamic as the falling water from upper tiers ripples across the pond in waves that jet in all directions. There are two varieties of pond commonly available within garden fountains for areas that do not already have an existing pond or natural body of water in which to place an outdoor fountain. These two styles are the self-contained one piece and the fountain coping styles ponds.

One Piece Garden Fountain Pond

The one piece fountain pond is very common and is probably the easiest and least intimidating type to set up. This single piece reservoir is completely self-contained. There is no need to seal or apply mortar to this type since it has already been made water tight. In addition, these come with a hole already in place through the bottom of the pond in which to route the cord for the water pump and lights. This is necessary to prevent having to drape the cord over the pond rim which would prove unsightly on any quality fountain installed in a garden. These single piece units also often come with seams and decorative embellishments on the outside surface that make them appear as if they are made from several parts, but without the necessity of assembling and joining them together as with a coping. One disadvantage to the one piece pond styles is that they are usually quite heavy and will require several people, a palette jack or forklift to move into place.

Garden Fountain Pond Copings

A garden fountain pond coping is what many of us think about when we reflect on the large outdoor fountains we have seen. A coping is most always used for public fountains that have a large size because the capacity of the reservoir must be large enough to contain sufficient water to supply high cascades. What a coping is composed of is many individual sections that are joined together when the fountain is installed. These sections make a large circle and constitute what is a border that encircles the pond reservoir and the main fountain assembly. Within the coping a pond liner is placed that will contain the water and prevent it from seeping into the ground underneath. Fountain copings and the pond liner must always be placed on a secure foundation like a solid concrete pad in order to stabilize the parts through rain and the inevitable shifting that occurs over the course of water movement and time.

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