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Garden Fountain with Pond Section
Garden Pond Water Feature Design

A garden pond is an appealing addition to garden areas. A water feature soothes the senses because the sights and sounds of water are relaxing and refreshing. There are as many different designs of garden ponds as there are gardens. In fact, different elements can be used in a garden pond that will make a water feature come to life. Fountains, statues and plants are three elements that can be used in combination with each other to produce a pond that is delightful and entirely unique.

Garden Pond Fountains

Fountains are one of the most popular features used in garden ponds. The great thing about a fountain is that it moves water. In addition to creating a beautiful display, a fountain works to circulate water within the pond which is beneficial to fish as well as plant life. Water circulation aerates the water and makes it oxygen rich. Water circulation also helps keep the water surface clean and helps prevent the breeding of mosquitoes that can transmit diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

Many different garden fountains are available that can work in ponds. Some of these fountains come with their own pond sections (as seen on the picture to the left), while others can be made 'plumbed for pond' which means they can be placed into an existing pond and work by re-circulating the water via a submersible pump and an inlet through the bottom of the fountain. Fountains can include multi-level tiered cascades, sprinklers and bubble jet types.

Garden Pond Statues

If used tastefully and in moderation, garden pond statues will add complexity and enjoyment to a garden pond or coping. In fact, a fountain will double as a statue as well, if not of the simple sprinkling or bubbling variety. Common garden statue ideas include small animal designs like turtles, rabbits and squirrels as well as religious figurines like saints and angels.

Garden Pond Plants

Certain plants thrive in a pond environment and add life and character to a water feature. In particular, flowering plant varieties add a beauty that cannot be achieved in other ways. Water hyacinth and lotus flowers require little care and will also add color. Another plant option is reeds which are slow growers and robust enough to live throughout the year in temperate environments. In areas that get freezing temperatures and frost plants may need to be replanted periodically.


A garden pond can be much more then a simple reflecting pool. Although a simple pool of water can be an excellent idea in certain settings where the intent is to still and empty the mind, many people prefer a garden pond with aspects that excite and stimulate the senses. Fountains, statues and the incorporation of plants are three ways of adding excitement and beauty to garden ponds. There are as many different garden fountain designs as there are ponds, ranging from ornate tiered cascades to simple sprinkler and bubble nozzle systems. Statues can be almost anything including small animals, religious figures and simple abstract shapes like spheres. Finally, the use of plants adds life to a pond and also creates a changing quality and color to the feature that cannot be obtained in other ways.

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