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Garden Water Feature
Garden Water Feature Placement

The decision where to put your garden water feature is something that may require some thought. Due to the weight of many garden products it may not be easy to move your item after it has been installed. Some things to keep in mind when deciding where to put a water feature may be how the sight and sound will accent the surroundings, the availability of an electrical supply to supply power and nearby sources of water in which to fill the fountain.

How Water Features Fit Into The Garden

The way the water feature will fit into your garden is a primary consideration when placing any outdoor fountain. Outdoor fountains are great for circular driveways and make splendid centerpieces for a round about or space in which cars approach the front door or entrance to a hotel. There are also wall fountains for the garden that are specially made to secure up against a wall. These types typically have a bar or other means of attachment on the back side that will enable you to attach or tie them to a fence, grate, wall, post or other means of stability. When ordering a garden wall fountain please bear in mind that the top sections are usually not able to stand on their own without falling over and need to be secured from wind, animals and other things which will cause them to fall and get damaged. Another common option is garden sculpture type styles that are usually best positioned where there are benches nearby where people can sit, converse and relax.

Availability Of Electrical And Water Supply

Most people do not consider the availability of nearby electrical source and water when deciding where to install a garden fountain. Fountains can be very emotional and people get caught up in enthusiasm over the beauty and display of water without thinking of the more behind the scenes practical considerations. A typical power cord has a 12' length and can plug into a 120v outdoor outlet. It is possible to use extension cords for fountains that are situated further away then 12'. Another thing to keep in mind is the nearby availability of water in which to fill your water fountain. Transporting water is not always easy and can be a significant manual ask. Another option is to have a hose that will reach far enough to refill the fountain. Probably the easiest option in the long run is to use a water feature Autofill, though this will need to be setup initially through an external water line which will require additional effort and someone who knows what they are doing.

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