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Garden Water Fountain Style
Garden Water Fountain Styles

There are an almost overwhelming assortment of garden water fountains on the market today. This diversity of choices can be divided up into several categories. Knowledge of these categories can help you decide on which type of fountain is right for you and to see which kind of water, sound and visual display works best in your particular yard, patio or garden.

Garden Pond Fountains

The garden pond fountain is one of the most popular styles. The popularity of the pond fountain probably results from this styles ability to generate the most noticeable water sound. This sound results from the cascade of water flowing into the water pond at the bottom which produces much more sound then the sculpture or pillar type fountains typically do. This interaction of the water with the pond is also very exciting visually and we see much light reflection when running this fountain style. The water pond is also very conductive to placement of submersible pond lighting which illuminates the pond water as well as the falling water from the upper tiers at night.

Tiered Garden Water Fountains

Tiered outdoor fountains are a nice alternative to pond or sculpture fountains for those people who just want a fountain, but do not have the space or need of a large water feature. Tiered fountains also do not have the lower pond section which is one of the heaviest sections and can take several people, and even sometimes a crane to move. The lack of this heavy one piece pond section makes placing a tiered fountain fairly straight forward because the tiered section typically come in several different sections for ready assembly by the customer.

Sculpture Outdoor Fountains

We are all familiar with water sculptures because these have been around such a very long time through history. We see many statues and images of famous people and leaders that have been matches and portrayed beautifully with water. Some of the most famous water displays have mythical figures overlooking a large lower pool of water, for example Neptune God of water and the sea, Angels and other mythical creatures. Relatively recently, we see the increase of popularity of the modern abstract type water feature in public areas as well as private gardens. These shapes are often open to interpretation and will therefore mean different things to different people because they excite the imagination ad stimulate the senses. Water sculptures can also be made which consist of no statue but are rather only composed of water. Here we see jets, sprays and cascades which are powered by high and low water pressure that generate different shapes that appear as animals, geysers. One of the most popular of these styles is the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

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