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Garden Waterfalls, Ponds and Fountains
Garden Waterfalls, Ponds and Fountains

In addition to the common types of garden fountain on the market there are also other styles of water features available, namely waterfall and pond varieties. Waterfalls and ponds function differently then fountains do and they direct water in unique ways which are specific to each style.

Garden Waterfalls

Garden waterfall styles are a replica of naturally occurring waterfalls in nature. These in a true sense are genuine waterfalls, but they have been built specially for a particular location and in a size and style that reflects the surrounding garden and preference of the owner. Waterfalls for the garden can be built of entirely natural materials or man made ones depending upon the effect to be achieved. A fine example is a ledge where stones or boulders have been placed underneath, below which is an area that can hold water to act as a fountain pond. Water can be made to flow over the ledge and down the stones and cascade into the lower pond section with this arrangement. The water will need to be pumped from the pond back to the top of the ledge using a submersible water pump and underground tubing since there will probably not be a naturally occurring water source present.

More modern style waterfalls follow this same principal. Modern styles can be made of concrete and usually have flat surfaces and straight lines and look more spartan in nature then the stone or natural cliff ones do.

Garden Ponds

Another popular alternative to either traditional garden fountains or waterfalls is the garden pond. A garden pond is simply what the name implies, however there are many ways of tailoring a pond. The simplest garden ponds are sometimes the most beautiful. Water does reflect off it's surface and a still pond looks like a mirror reflecting the rest of the garden and sky above. These are sometimes called gazing ponds and can be extremely relaxing to contemplate. A pond can also be adorned with water plants, lilies or lily pads. Many people like to add fish to their pond and this can be enjoyable if you know how to care for the fish and keep the water chemical balances in check to support fish life. One of the most popular choices in China is the Koi fish pond. Koi fish are symbols of good luck and can grow to be quite large and live a long time. Koi are also extremely colorful and their bright orange, white, red and black colors show up dramatically under the water.

For people who do not prefer a completely silent pond an easy addition is to purchase a fountain nozzle that will spray water up in a stream or specific shape from the pond. Nozzles can be purchased in many styles that give specific shapes to the water such as a round bell, tall jet, dual jets and many others. Some nozzles are even adjustable for shape. Underwater lights can be positioned under the water jets to light them up at night. One of the most beautiful fountain nozzle styles you may have heard of is the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas that works in this manner in conjunction with a sophisticated computer controlled timer system to produce a dancing water show in tandem with music to enthrall and excite visitors and attract business to the hotel.

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