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Outdoor Fountian Made Of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Fountains For Weather Durability

Exalted Fountains carries a full line of outdoor fountains made from a variety of beautiful and functional materials that work well outdoors. The two primary materials used are cast stone and glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC). The traditional style fountain line primarily uses the cast stone, while the contemporary and modern style garden fountains use GFRC. The use of this GFRC material has several benefits that make it a great material option for the contemporary and modern fountain lines.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

GFRC is a high quality concrete mixture. When we speak here of 'high quality we are referring to a smooth compact and dense mixture and not the concrete you would normally see on road surfaces or asphalt material. This dense material gives it a weight which enables the outdoor fountain to remain stable and able to withstand wind, rain and other outdoor conditions. This type of concrete is also especially conductive to cracking and fissure resistance when exposed to fluctuating temperatures that occur outdoors. It also adds resistance to improper fountain care which may include filling the fountain in daylight hours when the material is hot or warm from being exposed to the sun.

This material has small glass fibers mixed in with the concrete which gives it added strength. The incorporation of glass fiber into the concrete creates a different look then we will see in traditional cast stone. GFRC has a smoother, more modern appearance then traditional cast stone. In addition, with the contemporary and modern fountain styles there is no purist ideal in the creation process or culture like there is with traditionally made fountains. The sculptures who create fountains using traditional materials and methods usually do so out of a love of the process and value time honored techniques that have been refined through the generations and have been carefully passed onto them be previous mentors. They are slow to adopt new methods and techniques.

GFRC outdoor fountains are available in modern and contemporary styles that feature many angles and straight lines paired together with abstract shapes. These designs tend to stimulate the imagination more then a traditional fountain would and are conductive to reflection on what the idea or purpose of the design was meant to convey. GFRC products have their own finish palette available unique to them with colors that will fit into most contemporary and modern garden settings.

Exalted Fountains carries a full line of contemporary and modern GFRC garden fountains. These products are great for people who prefer more resistance to outdoor weather conditions in their fountains and also for those with more modern and contemporary tastes. The fountain will still need to be carefully drained and covered in freezing weather however. These products are made to order with custom finishes and can ship out in as little as 2-3 weeks from the time of order. The reason they are mode to order is due to the numerous color and model combinations available which would make stocking each possible combination cumbersome and cost prohibitive.

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