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An Indoor Wall Water Feature

How A Water Feature Can Affect Our Mood

Most of us at one time or another have been captivated by the soothing ambiance of a water feature. This may have occurred out in nature, for example while visiting a seashore or natural waterfall, or through experiencing an artificial installation such as a public fountain, wall fountain or garden fountain.

Studies have been conducted to research the effects commonly produced by the sights and sounds of moving water. Come of this research has been used to build water features in enclosed environments in order to improve the general atmosphere and how people fee.

There are many products available that can bring the benefits of fountains and waterfalls into your home or business easily, effectively and relatively inexpensively. These products include wall fountains, floor standing waterfalls, table fountains and custom made water features.

Evidence Based Design Using Water Features

There is a field of endeavor known as Evidence Based Design. This is the field of study that conducts research and uses the findings to improve the design of both public and private spaces so they are more appealing and beneficial for those who use them. Studies have been conducted in the field of business and healthcare that address the effect of water features on the healing process, employee productivity and satisfaction of people in particular settings. One such study is known as the 'Pebble Project'. This study was conducted by the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas AandM University. The findings of this project found that in Natural Therapy environments: "blood pressure drops, respiration slows, muscles relax, and moods brighten." Water based features helped facilitate the healing process, possibly by allowing patients to relax and improve their mood by reducing stress, increase productivity of employees and healthcare workers and improve the satisfaction of staff.

Fountain and Waterfall Products

There are many product lines available that can bring the sights and sounds of water into your home or business. Just as waterfalls help to improve moods and promote relaxation in the 'Pebble Project Study', this same technique can be used in your home to make it a more pleasant environment in which to live, work and play.

Fountains mounted to the wall, floor standing and table sitting are the most commonly available products to provide the benefits of water fountains indoors. Completely custom made water features have become increasingly common as well as people and businesses seek more unique designs that have not been seen elsewhere before.

Readily Available Water Based Features

The most commonly available water based features are fountains and waterfalls that have been shown to work in the spaces most people have available. These products are made to install on walls and work with the current wall types and bracing techniques used. These techniques include the spacing of standard wood wall studs, aluminum studs as well as cinder block walls. There are also dry wall anchors that are included standard in installation kits that will adhere to dry wall and are load carrying when used in conjunction with stud support. The brackets used on wall fountains have been specially manufactured to fit wall studs and made with a leeway window that enables the installer to fine tune fountain position into the most appealing point on your wall.

Floor standing waterfalls are another option for an easy waterfall addition. Made from the best quality materials, floor waterfalls use copper, Stainless Steel, glass, slate, marble and even corian to produce a beautiful surface over which to cascade water indoors. They are also made to provide waterfall sound which is an important aspect of any fountain that is meant to relax and sooth the senses.

Table fountains are the smallest of the fountains available on the market. The price point of these small water features starts at under $100 including shipping and this makes them very affordable for most people. Table fountains are typically made with materials such as river pebbles, small pieces of bamboo or slate and a basin that can be any solid non-dissolving material such as metal, ceramic, glass or stone.

Custom water features are another option. Custom items are typically larger, more involved and also more expensive then ready made items. Custom fountains do have important benefits that can make them more useful in the right environments. For example, the size can be individually tailored to the space where it is to be placed. This ability to tailor the fountain can also extend to the sound produced. A softer sound can be used in, for instance, healing environments. A more forceful sound can be produced for public installations or other areas where there may be background noise that needs to be compensated for.


Fountains and water based features have been shown to be effective in improving peoples moods, increasing employee satisfaction and promoting relaxation. There are several lines of product available that enable you to easily and effectively incorporate water into your home, business or public gathering space. These products include wall fountains, floor waterfalls and table fountains. Stock water features are manufactured to work with current building methods for ease and safety of installation. For settings that require sizes, materials and sound quality specific to a setting, custom water features can be tailored to fit individual requirements.

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