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Wall Fountains Need Adjustmment If Splashing Occurs
How To Eliminate Wall Fountain Splashing

If you are experiencing any splashing with your wall fountain this article is for you. There are only four areas on the water feature were splashing is even possible. I will review those with you and show you what you can do to correct any splash that might be occurring. Two of those areas would be at the top of the water feature. One is on the water surface itself and the other would be where the pebbles are in the tray. The first area were splashing might be occurring will be coming from the water distribution unit at the top of your water feature.

It's important that you have installed the white plastic baffle appropriately. If you don't, for example if you have left it at an angle or if the copper tabs are not upright the water could be coming out and splashing out. It's important that you take a look and make sure that the white plastic baffle where the arrow indicates pointing to the wall is indeed pointing towards the wall and that the top of the white plastic is squared with the water distribution unit. This will prevent any water from coming up out of the water distribution unit and splashing down the fountain.

One more thing to take a look at when you are examining the distribution unit for splashing is the lower lip of the unit. You want to make sure that the gap between the copper distribution unit and the water feature itself is very minimal. We have another article that talks about water flow which will show you how to adjust that gap and as always when you are working with the water distribution unit you want to use a scotch brite pad to just clean off the entire unit itself from the top to the bottom lip to help the water flow evenly. A secondary point of splashing that might be occurring on your wall fountain is up at the top near these edge flow tabs. These tabs the water comes over hits these tabs and it should be flowing onto the stone.

If you are getting a trickle of water off of that just comes down the water feature you just need to bend this tab in ever so slightly and that will adjust the water so that it is flowing onto the water feature surface. A third area where you might be experiencing some splashing is on the water feature surface itself. We sell a number of different water features from marble to glass and mirror to slate. Some stones have a little bit more of a rough texture like slate. You might find if your water feature happens to have a rough stone that you might be getting some splashing when the water comes down and hits of certain point, a rough part, on the stone and then it might spit a little droplet of water out onto the floor. You can notice it best by looking at the water feature from the side as the water is running down the fountain. If it's hitting a little point you might see it hit there and every every once in while little bit of water will jump off the stone. In that case you just want to take either a chisel or a screwdriver or maybe even a little piece of sandpaper and just gently rub against that rough area until it evens out. Then you can turn the water back on and see if the water is flowing smoothly over that point.

The most common cause that we experience for splashing takes place right down on the tray, on the pebble beach tray, where the pebbles are. Splashing generally occurs when these pebbles on the shelf down here are leaning up against the wall fountain surface itself. The water is coming down off the water feature surface and hitting the pebbles and slashing out onto the floor. So you want to pull these couples are so that they are not against the water feature surface. Spread them out across the tray so that none of them are up against the water feature surface. That will allow the water to go down past the pebbles into the lower tray. The pebbles sit on this pebble beach self and the pebble beach shelf has this adjustable lip to try and keep the pebbles from leaning up against the water feature surface. You should be leaving about a quarter inch gap between the water feature surface and this pebble beach shelf lip. This is adjustable you can just loosen the screws, adjust this lip so that it is about a quarter inch away from the water feature surface, and then just tighten the screws to set the lip in place and then go ahead and at your pebbles back onto the shelf. It is important to know that you don't need to use all the pebbles that were included with your water feature. Just use enough pebbles to make it look nice, but not enough that they are leaning up against the water feature surface.

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