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Installation And Setup Of A Floor Standing Indoor Waterfall
Installation And Setup Of A Floor Standing Indoor Waterfall

First and foremost, thank you for your interest in a floor standing indoor waterfall. These directions pertain only to specific models within the product line, not all floor fountain we offer. Some of the relevant models include:

  • Stainless Falls
  • Stainless and Glass
  • Stainless and Mirror
  • Stainless Screen
  • Copper Face
  • Copper and Glass
  • Ebony Falls
  • Copper Screen
  • Vision Falls

Here are a few things you should think about before starting your installation

Where to place your water feature

To accommodate the power cord for your feature, there is an exit hole on either side of your water feature allowing you to go either direction to the most convenient electrical outlet. Your water feature can go flush to your wall or be placed in an open area as long as there is an electrical outlet available. The water feature is designed to run 24 hours a day and should only be shut off for scheduled maintenance.

List of Parts Included in this Kit:

  • Main Feature Qty (1)
  • Main Feature Lid Qty (1)
  • Lower Reservoir Qty (1)
  • Lower Reservoir Lids Qty (2)
  • Baffle Qty (1)
  • Plastic Hose 1” Qty (2)
  • Water Pump Qty (1)
  • Ultraviolet Sterilization Unit Qty (1)
  • Plastic Gate Valve Assembly Qty (1)
  • 3/4” Plastic Female Adapter Qty (2)
  • Installation/Maintenance Manual Qty (1)

Tools Needed for Installation

  • Screwdriver Philips head (or Screw gun) for un-crating Water Feature
  • 9/16 Open End Wrench
  • 5/16 Nut Driver or Bladed Screw Driver

Pre-Installation Suggestions

  • Please handle all components very carefully.
  • Use sufficient manpower, particularly while moving the waterfall into place.
  • Carefully remove all packing and blocking material from the crates, to avoid scratching any surfaces.
  • Find suitable location for feature and stand the water feature upright.
  • Wipe out bottom basin collecting any debris that might have gathered in the shipping process.
  • Clean the tower, outside of the tanks and lids with a non-foamingcleaner, wiping with the grain. The inside of the tanks, lids and face are to be cleaned with only a soft cloth soaked in ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.


Please follow the instructions below when setting up your unit.

We suggest that prior to delivery, you locate where you would like your feature to be placed. Once in place and un-crated your feature will look something like this.

Remove lid covers from the lower reservoir. It is important to wipe out any debris that has settled in the shipping process. (As mentioned in Pre-Installation Suggestions on first page.) If the feature is plumbed in, make sure the standpipe is located over the drain or floor sink.

Pull pump and ultraviolet sterilizer cords through the overflow hole on either side. Wait to plug pump in until Step 8. If the feature is plumbed in, mount the Reverse Osmosis system near to the water source, but no further than 15’ from the feature. The Green tubing connects the water line to the system. The Blue tubing is the clean water to fill the feature. The Yellow tubing is the waste water to the drain.

Locate the two (2) leveling screws located inside the lower reservoir. You will use these screws later on to level the feature according to the water flow.

Fill the feature with distilled water (Use ≈25 gallons for 3 x 7 unit, ≈30 gallons for 4 x 8 unit, or 2” below overflow hole). Maintain water level between 5 and 8 inches, not to exceed 9 inches on Designer Series features. The more water in the tank, the less noise you will hear. For custom features, fill the feature until water level is 2” below the standpipe. If the feature is plumbed in, start the Autofill system to fill the unit.

Plug in pump and ultraviolet sterilizer. Wait for water to disperse itself over the face of the feature. To customize the flow, turn valve counterclockwise to increase flow and clockwise to decrease flow. Please do not close the valve completely as this can damage the pump.

You will probably need to adjust the leveling screw, as mentioned in Step 6, in order to level the feature’s tower according to the water flow. (You will know that you need to do this if the water is flowing down one side of the face and not the other.) Wipe top and side edges with your finger or Scotch-brite pad until water flows completely across the face. *** NEVER use the Scotch-Brite on the face of the feature ***

Finally, peel off all white protective tape from top and bottom reservoirs. You may want to wipe down the feature’s outside of the tank and tower with a non-foamingcleaner such as Windex or any other glass cleaner. The face and inside of the tank and upper reservoir are to be cleaned with only ethyl alcohol.


We suggest initially running the pump at full speed for a minimum of 7 days before adjusting to a slower speed. This will condition the pump and confirm water tracking.

To adjust water flow, turn gate valve clockwise to slow down flow or counter-clockwise to speed up flow.

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