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Indoor Water Feature Lighting
Indoor Water Feature Lighting

Lighting is one of the most exciting aspects of an indoor waterfall or fountain. Since these types of water features are used indoors illuminating the feature is of primary importance. This is especially true of wall fountains that may be situated in areas where it is not practical to position floor lamps which may block views of the waterfall or which may not reach up high enough to light up the whole face. Fortunately, most indoor water features do come with some sort of lighting that will make your product viewable both day and night and add sparkle and an added dimension of excitement to your fountain. Three of of the most common lighting option for indoor fountains are LED, halogen and fluorescent lighting. Lighting works together with stone and glass type for best effect.

Halogen Lighting

This type of lighting gives off a clear light which is soft, but not as soft as fluorescent, and not as crisp as a clear LED.


The LED bulbs are more recent then the other types of lighting that have been traditionally used. Keep in mind that LED bulbs can either be of the color changing type, or just plain clear. The color changing type has the ability to alter through many spectrum colors, usually using a remote control. This ability to direct the color is nice because you can give the feeling and mood to your fountain via the use of color depending on the situation ond feeling you wish to achieve. The different colors also look great on the mirrored surfaces that can be chosen on some indoor fountain styles.


Fluorescent lighting is the softest white light. We are all familiar with this type of light which uses very little energy and is commonly used in office buildings and other such establishments that need to illuminate large areas is a cost productive manner. We usually find this type of lighting on the bubble walls because the soft diffused light disperses nicely through water.

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